Lost & Missing Pets

I accept requests to help people find their lost or missing pets. Please be aware that the sooner you contact me after a lost pet, the more chances we have of finding him, or of asking him to go back home. I can’t help if it’s been a month or more since the’ve left. If you need this type of help, or if you know someone who does, please read on to learn about how this process works.

Note: You will need to provide, by email, the information noted under the section REQUEST FORM.

At times it will be impossible for me to take new clients with lost pets because of the amount of time it consumes. If that is the case, I will text or e-mail you right away, so that you may find someone else to help you.

lost or missing pets

Please make sure you read this entire page BEFORE you reach out to me
so you know what I can and cannot do. Thank you.

Click on each bullet below to learn more…

Please make sure you read this entire page BEFORE you reach out to me
so you know what I can and cannot do. Thank you.

When You Call Me…

If you contact me by phone, we’ll talk for a few minutes so that I can gather some necessary information. In normal day-to-day communications with pets, I only want to know few information regarding your missed pet like, the pet’s name, age, breed, sex, and color, plus a very general idea of how you want me to help.

However, in the case of a lost or missing pets, it’s very important for me to have additional information right away, such as the time of disappearance, the place the pet disappeared from, any recent changes in the missing pet’s life, etc. You’ll be able to see a more complete list further below of what I need to know ahead of time whenever a pet is lost or missing.

I know you’ll be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions while we’re talking, but to do my job effectively, once you’ve provided me with the necessary information, I’ll then need to “disconnect” from what you’re experiencing and quietly focus only on your pet.

If you and I have been talking on the phone, that means we’ll end our call so I can begin to do my work for you, but I’ll tell you ahead of time how soon you should call me back.

If you’ve contacted me by e-mail, I’ll send you a reply as soon as I have the necessary information. If you’ve left me a voice mail message, I’ll reply as soon as possible. In both of those cases, I’ll most likely begin my work just as soon as I read your e-mail or hear your voice mail message because it often happens that a pet will start talking to me at that very moment.

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How I Work With Lost or Missing Pets

I first go to a quiet space where I meditate and connect with your pet. This communication may take a little while (a half hour or more), especially if a pet is scared. But with a lot of love and understanding, I can usually gain a pet’s trust.

When we communicate with missing pets, we exchange information with missing pets in various ways — through images, pictures, words, or phrases. The images and pictures may be in the form of quick snapshots, or they may come as a sort of a video that repeats itself over and over again in my mind. Whatever the form of communication, I actually experience the animal’s feelings, emotions, and energy.

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What are My Responsibilities?

I gather information from your pet about his or her feelings, as well as information, general and/or specific, about his or her current surroundings.

I provide encouragement to pets to remain calm, and I reassure them that you love them, are looking for them, and that you very much want to find them and bring them safely home.

If you have already pinpointed an area in which you think you should focus your search, I may tell your pet to go to a certain place, or to be aware of your scent in that area, and to be on the lookout for you. In some cases, I’ll let your pet know when it’s ok to go with a person who has seen him and wants to return him to you.

I jot down notes about everything that happens during my communication with your pet. I then take time to refine those notes so that I can clearly share all of the details with you as soon as possible.

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How I Share This Information With You

When I translate the information your pet has shared with me, I might say “he or she is saying . . . , or your pet is showing me . . . , or these are his or her words.” At other times when pets show me only images, or simply let me experience their feelings or energy, I then have to use my own words, life perceptions, and vocabulary to describe those images or feelings to you.

The main thing I want to do is to be sure that you know the difference between what your pet is actually saying, and what I’m having to describe using my own words and experiences.

You’ll receive all of the information your pet has shared with me, by phone or by e-mail, or both.

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What We Can Hope to Accomplish

Over the many years I’ve been doing this kind or work, I’ve had great success in gathering enough information to help find pets who are truly lost, but still alive. I’m also able to communicate with missing pets who are no longer in their earthly bodies after an accidental death. You can read about a number of success stories in my book “Pets Have Feelings, Too!”

The main thing we hope to accomplish is to have your pet describe his or her surroundings, at least in general. If the pet’s information is clear enough, you’ll be able to put up posters in the general area, be contacted by people who may have seen your pet, and have a reasonable idea of where to conduct a physical search for your pet.

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What Animals (and I) Can and Cannot Do

We’re all totally dependent on the information an animal can convey, but an animal simply CAN NOT tell us where he or she is located in the same way a lost person might be able to. For instance, an animal can’t tell me, “It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I’m hiding behind a yellow house at the corner of First and Main streets.” They don’t know city names, street names, people names, what day of the week it is, or what time of day it is.

They might, however, show me that they’re hiding in some bushes or behind a building, or there are lots of houses or only a few houses nearby, that they’re in a rural area, or there are other animals or people around, or that someone is putting out food and water for them, or someone has provided them with shelter.

Or, you might recognize something they share with me that tells you they may be only a few blocks away, or even hiding just across the street. Occasionally, they’ll describe something unusual in their surroundings so that you can pinpoint exactly where they are.

My responsibility is to sort through the maze of pictures and emotions animals convey to me, to translate those pictures and feelings into words, and to share them with you so that you can better focus your search.

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Why a Pet Might Leave Home or Run Away

Animals have an instinctive need to explore and to “travel.” That’s what animals in the wild do all day long. But life is very different for our domesticated animals. If they can escape through an open door or an unlatched gate, or through a hole they dig under a fence, they may leave home because they’re feeling that instinctive need to explore and travel. Or maybe they feel too ignored or confined at home alone all day long, or they aren’t walked enough. Or something may have frightened them and they’re seeking safety elsewhere.

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How Soon Should a Lost or Missing Pets be Contacted

It’s important for me to try to contact a lost or missing animal as soon as possible. After several days, if they remain in the same new environment, it becomes the new “normal” for them. This may make it harder for them to provide the kind of information that would give us a reasonably accurate description of their location.

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What My Service Includes

A lost or missing pets consultation is payable in advance, and includes every moment of time I spend working on your case.

This would include:
1) all preparatory phone calls and/or e-mails
2) reviewing your request form
3) obtaining clarification by phone or e-mail if necessary
4) at least a 1/2 hour of time to talk with your pet
5) transcribing the notes I jotted down while talking with your pet to be sure they’re clearly expressed.
6) up to a 1/2 hour of time to share with you what your pet has told me (by e-mailing you and/or talking with you by phone when the communication with your pet is finished)

A consultation is complete when I’ve provided you with all of the information your pet shared with me during our communication, and answered any questions you may need to ask during that phone call or e-mail exchange. The cost of this service is $300

If you have additional questions, or if you need to have me communicate with your pet again during the 30 days after the original consultation, that new communication and any additional e-mails or phone calls will be charged at the follow-up rate of $150 for each additional request.

If you do make a request for a follow-up communication anytime within the 30 days following the original consultation, we can then determine if your pet has moved from one place to another. We may also be able to discover more information such as certain distinctive features about the new location and people your pet has encountered. These descriptions could be fairly general, but at times they can be very helpful. We may also find out if your pet is still alive and well, or has already made his or her transition back into spirit. I’ll communicate all of this information to you so that you’ll have as much closure as possible.

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What If Payment has Already Been Made But a Pet Seems to Be ‘Found’ Very Early in The Process?

Sometimes, you will have formally asked me to begin working for you, and sent in your pre-payment. I will have immediately communicated with your lost pet. However, before I can contact you with the information I’ve already obtained from your pet, he or she will seem to have come home on his or her own, or be returned to you by someone else, or possibly you find your pet yourself.

If your pet returns home, seemingly on his or her own, it may well be because I’ve already been able to convince him or her to do so if the animal is still close to home. Or, if you should find your pet yourself, it may be because I’ve convinced him or her to come out of hiding and look for you because your pet has now understood, from me, that you’re out looking for him or her.

When your pet does come home before I’ve had an opportunity to share my notes with you, in almost every case, I will already have completed all, or the greater part, of the first five items of work in the list above. Because that’s what ordinarily happens, the full fee of $300 does apply to every consultation request, even if your pet seems to return early.

To complete that consultation, even if your pet has already returned home safely, I will still send you my notes, or talk with you by phone, because my communication with your pet may help to explain where he or she has been and why. That information may, in turn, help you prevent this unfortunate situation from happening again.

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Is There Ever a Time When the Pre-Paid Fee Would be Refundable?

If, for some reason, your pet does return early, and it’s well before I’ve begun to do any work at all on your case, all or part of the pre-paid fee may be refundable. This will happen only in the most exceptional of cases, however, and it will be determined only on a case-by-case basis. That’s because I ordinarily start, and most often complete, the most essential part of my work (the first five steps above) before your pet does return, or is returned by someone else, or before you find him or her yourself.

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Our Understanding

In any event, the understanding between us must be that, regardless of any search efforts you make on your own, either before or after you contact me (i.e., phone calls to shelters or friends, posters put up, flyers handed out, etc.), once you submit your request for me to start working to find your lost or missing pet, your pre-payment applies to everything I do, either before or after your pet returns home.

My investment of time, effort, and expertise almost always begins the very moment I receive your phone, e-mail, or voice mail request, and usually, even my communication with your pet begins immediately. My commitment to you is to complete all of the steps in the consultation process.

Emergency and lost or missing animal cases will take priority over all non-emergency consultations.

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DISCLAIMER: What I Can’t be Held Accountable for [Things outside of my control]

It’s important to understand that I cannot be held accountable for any choices your pet makes after we’ve finished talking with each other.

Animals have free will, just as we do, and when they’re stressed or fearful, they may do things like changing locations after being spotted, or they may simply be too fearful to do something I’ve asked them to do, or not do, during our communication. Regrettably, these are circumstances that are totally beyond my control.

It’s also true that I cannot be held accountable for any choices you, yourself, may make after my communications with your pet, and with you, have been completed.

I will obtain the most accurate information I can from your lost pet, and I will share that information clearly with you. Any decisions you make, based on that information (for example, the cost to drive to, or remain in, a specific area to search, or to search in other similar areas instead of the one your pet described, or to offer a reward for the safe return of your pet), all become your sole responsibility.

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Contact, Fee, and Cancellation Information

Below, you’ll find Contact, Fee, and Cancellation information, as well as a Request Form for providing important information about your lost or missing pet.

I look forward, with heartfelt empathy, to helping you, and your friends, find any lost or missing pets, and I hope the information I’ve provided above has helped you understand ahead of time what happens in this very specialized kind of pet communication.


Note: You will need to provide, by email, the information noted under the section REQUEST FORM.

Please note that fees must be pre-paid at the time you request a lost or missing pet consultation and fees are non-refundable.

Initial Consultation Fee: $300-

Lost Pet’s Name

Follow-up sessions requested within 30 days of the initial consultation: $150- each session.

Pet’s Name + 1st Consult Date

  • Fees must be pre-paid at the time you request a lost or missing pet consultation.
  • Fees are non-refundable.

In order not to incur a cancellation fee, if you need to cancel or reschedule a telephone or in-person appointment, please do so at least 24 hours ahead of time using one of the following methods:

  • Email me at drmonica@petcommunicator.com
  • Call 714-772-2207 24 hours before your scheduled appointment (Note: no text messages are accepted at this phone).

A minimum $25 fee will be charged for cancellations not made 24 hours ahead of a scheduled appointment time.

REQUEST FORM: To help you find your missing pet(s), I need you to provide information to me. Please copy and paste the list below into your email to me, complete the information, and send it to me at drmonicadiedrich@hotmail.com. See more detailed instructions below.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. On the list below, SELECT (highlight) items 1 through 23.
  2. COPY the items (Windows: Ctrl + “C” or Mac: Cmd + “C”).
  3. Click this email address: drmonicadiedrich@hotmail.com — an email message window will open in your email program, with the subject line “Information You Need to Help Find My Missing Pet.”
  4. PASTE the items into the email message window (Windows: Ctrl+ “V” or Mac: Cmd + “V”).
  5. Complete the information in the email as requested.
  6. Attach a recent photo of your animal.
  7. Optional: Attach a map of the area from which your animal went missing.
  8. SEND the email.



  1. Your e-mail address:
  2. Today’s date:
  3. Your first and last name:
  4. Home address:
  5. City, State, Zip Code, Country:
  6. Phone number with area code, or if int’l with country code:
  7. Animal’s name:
  8. Type of animal (dog, cat, bird, etc.):
  9. Male or female:
  10. Animal’s age:
  11. Length of time with you:
  12. Other animals at home:
  13. Date your animal went missing:
  14. Time of day or night your animal went missing:
  15. Details about what you already know happened:

16. Where was your animal when you discovered it was missing (home, veterinarian’s office, boarding kennel, friend’s house, with pet sitter, etc)? Please provide as much specific name and address information as you can.

17. Has your animal been missing before? If so, for how long and when?

18. Describe any changes within your animal’s environment or within the household (new animal, new baby, house move, on vacation, new people in the house, favorite person going off to college or traveling a lot, etc.).

19. Have there been any sightings of your animal? Please give all details, dates, locations, etc.

20. Describe any medical condition which may endanger your animal’s life.

21. Please attach a recent picture of your animal, especially one where his or her face and eyes can easily be seen. Optional: Attach a map of the area from which your animal went missing.

22. Please give any other details and additional information, or attach any other information you think would be helpful.

23. Tell me how you want to receive the information your animal shares with me (by e-mail or by phone).

24. Has payment been done through paypal?

Lost or missing pets

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