Angel, a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dr. Monica & Angel

Dr. Monica & Angel

At the request of her guardian I went to see Angel, a 2 year old female Rhodesian Ridgeback mixed breed. She had been rescued from the shelter and Mom was very concerned about her behavior.

Angel would spend most of her day in the bedroom hidden away in a corner, lying on top of her mat. She’d seldom come out, except for eating. When she did, she would have “accidents”. She had no bladder control. She was so afraid, that almost anything would cause her to lose control. You couldn’t talk very loud, reach with your hand to try to pet her, or even walk toward her without having her produce a puddle on the floor. She in turn was mortified, and turned around to her hiding place.

I had a long talk with Angel and explained to her that she now had a family who loved her, no matter what. They would never send her back to the shelter. They’d do whatever it took to help Angel feel like a special part of the family, to learn to enjoy life more, and be a happy girl. She was there to stay. Angel was delighted to hear this. Before I came along, she hadn’t been sure if this would be her permanent home, or if she was only staying here on a trial basis, so she tried to be on her very best behavior and spend as much time as possible alone in her room. After our communication, she was able to understand that this family was full of love and compassion for her.

During our talk, Angel remained on the floor in front of me, but when we were finished, she got up, and came directly to me, putting her head on my lap. She then started pawing me with her right front leg. I knew she was thanking me. Mom’s jaw dropped. She said that in the months she’d had Angel, she’d never done that to anyone. Mom rushed out to get her camera saying, “I have to take a picture of this, otherwise none of my family will believe me.” Months later when I checked on Angel, Mom told me she’d had a complete turnaround. She’s now a friendly and happy dog. Mom is delighted with the outcome, Angel is enjoying a family who loves her unconditionally, and I have a wonderful picture of that happy occasion.

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