Had Just Been to the Vet

Dr. Monica says:

“On Leslie’s visit, I had told her that her dog was suffering from an ear infection. Obviously caught off guard, she said she had just been to the vet for some anxiety medication and they had found nothing wrong with him. Upon closer inspection of the dog’s ear, I saw the one in question just a little pink. She took the dog in, and sure enough there was an infection.”

Here’s Leslie’s email…

Hi Dr. Monica,

It was so good to visit with you this past Wednesday. I thought you would be interested to know that I took Zac to the vet yesterday and he does have an ear infection. No signs of it that are usually present but when our vet swabbed his ear and looked under the microscope – there was an infection. That was the first thing you sensed from Zac.

Also while I am out of town, my daughter, Lacey, will watch over Zac. She is home next week and can be with him and he is easy to take places so I feel better that he won’t have any alone time.

I also read the prescription label wrong when I started him on it on June 6th. He is suppose to have a morning and evening anxiety pill and I was just giving him the morning one. so without any harm to him I can double his dosage and it will be at the level that the vet prescribed.

Thanks for all your insight. I sent this to both of your e-mail addresses as I wasn’t sure which one would be the one.. so now perhaps you have two messages from me.


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