When Special Communication Is Needed

My husband and I have enjoyed the friendship of some incredible felines over the years, and we have reached out to you on several occasions when special communication has been needed. Recently, you guided our little Murphy home when a neighboring cat decided to show him around and he didn’t return for two days. We have turned to you to listen to our best friends who have passed on to the other side and have been comforted by the responses. Based on a close 20-year relationship with our Maine Coon, Sherlock, it was evident that his personality and ‘voice’ was coming through. We have given a gift of your services to friends when their beloved pets have died or become lost.  It is nice to know that in times of uncertainty, you are available to communicate with our little precious ones. What a special ability you possess.

Diane Dignan
Farmington Hills, MI
March, 2012

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