You Give A Voice to Our Beloved Animals

Dear Dr. Monica,
I wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you for your help in contacting our dear Molly. My heart has been broken and you gave me so much comfort and peace. When Molly passed – I came across many sites but I felt so pulled to yours. Your compassion and love for what you do is so evident – your understated, genuine approach is refreshing in this day and age where everyone wants to be a celebrity. I kept coming back to your page and watched you on You Tube. I soon told my doubting husband and he jumped right on board – a leap of faith!!!

I was glad you suggested we speak on the phone and not just by email. You were right – there was information that I would have missed or perhaps not understood – thank you for that!!!

I have to tell you that when you told me Molly saw someone who met her as she crossed – someone who appeared similar to me – well – what a wonderful gift!  My sister passed tragically a year and a half ago and our family was fractured prior to her death – we were divided as a family and before we knew it – she was gone. My sister was a wonderful giving person who always wanted to help – it would be so like her to run to greet Molly – to step in to help me – to be there for me – for Molly. Prior to our phone call – two different people had mentioned how much I looked like my sister. At the time – I thought it was strange that on two separate occasions – two people would each make such a fuss about how much I look like my sister – but now I know why – those words would come back to reinforce what you told me. Also, the word “settled” – it has always been with much sadness that we could never “settle” what happened in our family. We all live with great regret for how we lost focus of what is important. To have the affirmation that my sister wanted me to know she had finally understood/fixed something – that things were “settled” – well – when I read that paragraph – it offered so much peace.

The questions we asked you on the phone about our son and if Molly had any messages for him. The photo you described is one that sits in the drawer – and yes – it is of a young boy – our son with a golden retriever – Molly’s father – who you also mentioned. When I asked you about Chip the cat – you said the word “savior” came to you. When I told our son about that – he said – that totally described his relationship with that feral cat when he was away at college – he said the cat saved him and he saved the cat. Our son was so comforted to know his “first love” Molly is happy and safe! He had a wonderful dream about her visiting his apartment.

I also thank you for the detailed notes. At first – there seemed so much information – very deep. I read each answer over and over and I do not think I have ever understood anything as much or as well as I did those responses. Every word has a purpose and place in my life. In 12 years of Catholic school I never saw a glimpse or understanding of insights – like I did reading those answers – and I continue to see more when I read the notes again and again. So many of the answers provided were from questions I struggle with – my “soul mate” – which I totally have always called her – helped me to move to a different level of love and understanding. It was as if she knew my questions and tried to provide clarity for me – and she did – with your generous help!

In closing – I want to say how special you are and how wonderful it is that you give “a voice” to our beloved animals. My husband is working on trying to open himself so he can experience touch and feelings that perhaps are out of the norm for him. You helped him greatly with that! He is so willing to try!!! I love my Molly so much – my daughter with the blond hair, curls and TAIL!!! I always told her – after having sons – you are the best and most beautiful daughter I could ever have dreamed of!!! I always wanted a girl with yellow hair, big brown eyes and curls – I just never expected a tail – but how perfect you are!!! I try to temper my tears with gratitude. Gratitude that a beautiful creature like my Molly touched my life and taught me about love and kindness. I will continue to read the notes and hope one day my heart can catch up with the reason of my mind – that 11 years and 8 months is a good run. I don’t think 100 years would have been enough! Life can be so strange – the table Molly died on was the very one she sat on at her first puppy visit. Molly was 6 weeks old at the time. The vet told me to take her paw and to always place it in the palm of my hand – that I would be “imprinting” her to me. Well when Molly died – she reached out her paw and placed into the palm of my hand – I know she was “imprinting” me into her soul. A gift I will always remember – a gift I will cherish!

Thank you Dr. Monica and may God continue to bless you with your kind and loving work.

Love, T. Leonard, Molly’s mom and soul mate…
October, 2012

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