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Dr. Monica Diedrich has published numerous books about communicating with pets and how to help them live fuller, richer, happier lives. Topics include: learning to communicate with your pet about everyday things and their health challenges; healing your pets through nutrition, supplements, herbs and exercise, as well as using alternative and complementary therapies; and, coming to understand your pet’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

On this page you will find not only English-language books by Dr. Monica, but also many of the titles available in Spanish. In addition, Dr. Monica has recorded guided meditations and workshops, some of which are offered here.

Your Pet Called
More Than 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart

In her sixth book, Your Pet Called, you’ll find an abundance of heartwarming true stories about some of the many pets she’s talked with in recent years. Prepare to laugh as you discover some very spunky and endearing personalities, but also keep a box of tissues handy for reading about end-of-life events and how to cope with grief.

You’ll enjoy reading about:

  • Pets who identified their own, or other’s, health challenges
  • Pesky behavioral problems  and how they were solved
  • How lost pets were found
  • Life missions of pets, and how very deeply they love us
  • The spiritual growth of pets who have passed on
  • Pets who chose to reincarnate

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of the dogs talked about in this book

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What Your Animals Tell Me
True Stories of an Animal Communicator

What Your Animals Tell Me by Dr. Monica Diedrich Through true stories, an animal communicator reveals the fascinating and heart-warming inner world of our pets.

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Pets Have Feelings Too!
Understanding Your Pet’s Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs. Also learn about Reincarnation, Soul Mates and Energy Imprinting.

books by Dr Monica Diedrich

  • How pets use the language of pictures to be able to communicate with us.
  • Read over 60 stories of real pets and their people.
  • Learn how many behavioral problems can be fixed when you listen to your pet.
  • Find out what pets think about life, death and the great beyond.

Paperback $18.95:


Digital $9.95:


For Pet’s Sake Do Something! Book One
How to Communicate with your Pets and Help Them Heal.

For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book 1 by Dr. Monica Diedrich

  • Learn the necessary steps to start talking with your own pet about everyday things and their health challenges.
  • Understand empathy and how to use it.
  • Practice “becoming” your pet to understand his/her physical ailments.
  • Learn about healing auras and chakras.
  • Benefit from working with six different guided visualizations to help your pet heal.

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For Pet’s Sake Do Something! Book Two
How To Heal Your Sick, Overfed, Bored Pets with Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs and Exercise

For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book 2 by Dr. Monica Diedrich

  • Help your animals regain their health!
  • Learn great recipes you can make at home.
  • Find out what to give and what not to give for major health challenges such as liver disease, heart conditions, kidney failure and weight management.
  • Also learn how to use Muscle Testing and the Pendulum to help you select the right supplements, vitamins or herbs to help your pets live a long and happy life.

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For Pet’s Sake Do Something! Book Three
How to Heal Your Pets Using Alternative and Complementary Therapies

For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book 3 by Dr. Monica Diedrich

  • Everything you ever needed to know about alternative ways to heal your pet.
  • In this 388 page book you’ll find information about Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Homeopathy, Magnetic Therapy, Reflexology, Massage, Sound therapy, color and sound therapy, crystals and incense.
  • We’ll review Animal Communication, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chiropractic and Hydrotherapy.
  • Plus how animals age, what foods your pets should avoid and how to poison proof your home.
  • It even includes Emergency Kits, including lists for over the counter medicines, homeopathic and herbal kits.
  • And finally we visit the necessary steps you’ll need to care for your pets in the event of your death.
  • This book will become your new “Pet Bible!”

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How to Help You Heal Your Pets
Guided Meditation CD

cds and books by Dr. MonicaOpen your heart and mind to receive information from your pets and help them heal.

This guided meditation CD was recorded LIVE and includes imagery, where the people are guided through a place of relaxation, then advised on how to ‘see’ their animals with their Third Eye. Once there with the animal, they start sending them ‘healing’ to the right spots on their body, as needed.

The path back reassures them that their work is done for the highest good as they find themselves back into their bodies.


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How to Communicate with Your Pets
Audio CD Workshop

audio-workshop by Dr. Monica Diedrich Here’s all you need to know to become closer to your pets and to bring them closer to you!

This workshop was recorded LIVE at a class Dr. Monica gave at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA. It includes narratives, examples, and hands-on exercises.  Class: 67 minutes.


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