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Dr. Monica DiedrichDr. Monica Diedrich

Dr. Monica Diedrich has always felt a very deep love and compassion for all animals. From the time she was eight years old, she realized she could actually “hear” what they were saying to her. They’d send their messages to her in the form of feelings and pictures, a method of communication she now calls “picture telepathy.”

In 1972, she moved from Argentina to the United States, married, and made her home in Southern California, where she and her husband raised their family, including both children and pets. She’s bred several litters of puppies over the years, and her heart is currently captivated by a precious Shi-Tzu named Princess, who’s a happy, healthy senior citizen.

Princess’ lifetime companion, Chop Chop, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in February, 2006 at the venerable age of 14. His recovery from a near death experience when he was only two years old was a very significant event. It was the inspiration for Dr. Monica’s spiritual healing work with the many animals who have needed more than just the everyday type of help she’d been providing.

But how did she nurture and develop her special gift, the one she’d discovered at an early age? And how did this gift eventually open the door to her unique career as an Animal Communicator?

After several years of advanced metaphysical study, during which she further refined her telepathic skills, she recognized that there were many intuitives who were available to help people, but very few who were able to do the same thing for pets. This insight showed her, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was her Life Assignment to work exclusively for the benefit of a wide variety of animals.

Dr Monica Diedrich

regularly volunteered her time to help many people resolve everyday problems with their pets. But, over time, it became very apparent how widespread the need was for someone with her special gift, and it wasn’t long after those early experiences that she began devoting herself to working full time as a Pet Communicator.

She’d already become certified as an Animal Care Specialist I for pets, and an Animal Care Specialist II for wildlife. And by completing many other courses of study, she’d also become certified in a number of metaphysical and healing specialities. She’s a Master Cosmic Healer, a Reiki practitioner, a Guided Imagery Therapist, and a Meditation Guidance practitioner, to name but a few.

Dr. Monica Diedrich

During years of study, and later through her heartwarming experience with Chop Chop’s early healing, it was a very special joy for Dr. Monica to discover that she could not only help animals with ordinary, everyday type problems, but that she could also let loving healing energy flow through her for the benefit of the many animals who needed help at even deeper levels. And when people expressed the desire to learn how to communicate with their own pets, the meditation techniques were essential to assist them in learning to focus their attention.

Dr. Monica devotes the majority of her time to providing private consultations in person, by phone or by e-mail for her many clients around the world. Frequently, she also works in community and other group settings, during which she offers 15 minute introductory consultations for each pet.

Using her intuitive gift, with heartfelt love, she enables her clients to participate in a dialogue with their pets by helping them look at their pets’ experiences from the animal’s point of view. After a consultation, they’re better able to understand their pet’s wishes, needs, fears, behavioral problems, health challenges or end-of-life requests.

Because Dr. Monica believes that inter-species communication is a natural gift which everyone has, she also spends part of her time helping people learn to develop their own intuitive gifts. Since 1989, she’s been teaching classes, both locally and nationally, titled “How To Communicate With Your Pets,” and has also developed a set of audio cassette tapes for home use with the same title. In addition, she presents seminars, and is a regular contributor to several TV and radio shows, including a TV show aired in South Korea.

She’s published several books including, “What Your Animals Tell Me,” “Pets Have Feelings Too!,” and “For Pet’s Sake, Do Something!,” a how-to guide.

Her books have won several awards, and “What Your Animals Tell Me” has been translated into several other languages, including Spanish, Japanese and Croatian.

Dr. Monica Diedrich, Pet CommunicatorDr. Monica feels that her two greatest accomplishments come from bringing physical, emotional and spiritual healing to as many animals as possible, and from teaching people, who have an especially deep bond with their pets, to communicate effectively with them, which helps improve the quality of their pets’ everyday lives.

You will enjoy learning much more about how she communicates with animals by visiting the How Animals Communicate page, reading frequently asked questions, and of course, reading her books and listening to her CDs. In Testimonials, many of Dr. Monica’s clients share their own heartwarming experiences with you.

If you’d like to request a consultation for you and your own pet, you’re invited to call or e-mail Dr. Monica. You’ll find all the information you need on the Services and Fees page.

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