Mentoring Program

What Is My Mentoring Program?

I’m offering a private one-on-one mentoring program for students of all levels who want to be able to communicate more effectively with animals. The program is also designed for professionals who already have some experience with interspecies communication.

You can use this program if you’re just starting out on your journey of learning to communicate with animals.

Or, maybe you’re already a professional animal communicator, but you want to ask questions, bounce off ideas, request a second opinion about a difficult case, or improve your communication skills. This program can provide you with the opportunity to study under the guidance of a highly experienced fellow professional who’s been doing this kind of work for very many years.

I work with all kinds of domesticated animals, and on occasion even with wild ones, whether they’re physically alive or have made their transitions into Spirit.

Talking with living animals, or with those in Spirit, is very natural for me, so if you’re experiencing road blocks in your communications with animals, we can work together to help you master your skills, improve your accuracy, and grow your level of confidence as you work to help others.

We address topics such as:

Improving your skills, accuracy, and confidence

  • Hearing and seeing, with clarity, what pets are saying
  • How to achieve clearer understandings
  • How to work with, and trust, your intuition
  • Understanding and helping resolve certain perplexing behaviors
  • Helping animals from shelters, rescues, and foster care
  • Helping animals who have been abused before
  • Guidance for euthanasia cases
  • Talking with spirit
  • Questions everyone has: Is it me? Or is it them?
  • Customized guidance for each specific problem you have to deal with
  • … and anything else you want to know, learn about or practice more effectively

You can benefit from this mentoring program if:

  • You’re ready to take a beginning course in animal communication and would like to have someone coach you personally at each step along the way
  • You’ve already taken a beginning, intermediate, or advanced course or workshop (either with me or with someone else), and you want additional personalized help to improve your skills
  • You want to improve your telepathic ability to communicate with animals with more clarity and confidence
  • You want to enhance your skills, but need some personalized guidance
  • You want help overcoming some blockages in your communications with animals
  • You feel as if you’ve reached a plateau in your learning, but you want to learn so much more


My goal is to empower and support you, so that you can incorporate all levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual understandings as you share your unique skills with others.

These laser-focused sessions will be tailored to your specific needs, and they’ll be designed to support you in both your personal and professional journey.

My hope is that I can become the mentor you go to for any help you need with any aspect of animal communication. I look forward to sharing your journey with you!

Two hours of mentoring on any subject you want is only $497

I work from M-F 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM California time.

If you’d like to set up a mentoring appointment, please fill your name and email address and then click “Add to Cart”. Please email me to set up and appointment at drmonicadiedrich@hotmail

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