How Animals Communicate

How Animals Communicate

All members of the animal kingdom, how animals communicate extensively among themselves without using any apparent words. In addition, some species, like whales, dolphins and elephants, employ sounds or body language as well.

But do animals also try to communicate with people? Absolutely! Our domesticated pets are excellent examples of animals who consistently try to communicate with humans.

In this page I’m going to tell you how animals communicate with human or caring persons. Animal communication is most important if you have a pet in your home.

How animals communicateAny caring person who’s ever been on the receiving end of intense shining eyes, alert ears, and wagging tails can usually comprehend the message they’re trying to communicate — I want a treat, let’s play, let’s go for a walk, let’s go for a ride in the car. Or a pet may communicate that he or she needs to go outdoors, wants dinner, or wants an ear or body massage.

The method they’re using to “talk” to us is called telepathy. Because they send messages without using any words. However, our pets often have to add some body language when they express their thoughts in order to accurately get their messages across to us.

But is there a way to clearly understand what they’re saying, not only about every day things. but also about behavioral problems or health challenges? Is there some way we can actually learn to “speak their language?” Again, the answer is “Absolutely, yes!”

How Animals Communicate with Us

Pets send us pictures when they want to tell us something, and we can see these pictures when our minds are quiet, and our own thoughts are set aside.

When a pet is “talking” to me. I see what looks like individual photos or movie clips. The movie clips, which are always filled with some action, last for two or three seconds. Then it’s as if they rewind and repeat themselves until the pet is satisfied that I’ve understood what he or she is trying to tell me.How Animals Communicate

Whether I’m seeing a colorful single photo or a movie clip. They’re providing me with information that includes sights, sounds, tastes, scents, and even feelings and emotions. I can experience all of these images in my own body so that I’m able to identify them and explain them to a pet’s “parents.”

Many times, once the flow of animal communication has started and the animals feel comfortable, they’ll use a more accurate and faster way of pet communication. At this point, they seem to be sending actual words, and even sentences, by telepathy, to convey their thoughts and feelings.

Animals communication is a great tool to use to find out what your animal companion is thinking or feeling. What their needs are, how they’re handling relationships with another person or pet. How they feel about a particular place or a situation in their lives. Or what their lives were like before they came to live with you.

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