After a week, terrific so far!

Tug B

Hi Dr. Monica,

Sorry for the long email but much to tell! I just wanted to give you an update since we connected last week on how Marc and I and the kids are doing…Terrific so far 🙂

We put down large rubber mats and Tug seems to be walking around more confidently and venturing into areas now where we’ve laid them down.

We finally got some anti-anxiety meds from the vet to help Tug relax before bed and since we started there has been no frantic pacing, panting, or constant barking during the night. Marc is finally sleeping in our bed again 🙂 The meds seem to calm him down without being groggy or doped up which we were hoping for. His eyes are lit up more.

We got both Tug and Chewy jumbo orthopedic beds and cooling blankets and Tug took to them right away and seems quite settled and comfortable on it.

We talked to the dermatologist and he’s allowed us to expand Chewy’s diet to include some goat cheese, veggies (loves her yams and sweet potatoes), and some new treats. We have added these to Tug’s plate too and they are licking them clean.

We started with organic CBD oil for both and Chewy hasn’t limped since. Fingers crossed it will help them both and their joints over the long term.

Our home has become more relaxed, calm, and happy. I am practicing communicating in pictures…it is more challenging than I thought! How do I ‘picture’ love, happiness and joy for them to understand…Interesting concept I’ve never considered before. I’ll keep working at it.

What a gift you have Dr. M! From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you…for everything.❤️

Susan B and Mark T   September 18, 2020

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