Thank you for doing your MAGIC!

Hi Monica!
Our trip to the 300-acre ranch in Atascadero was beautiful.  There were three horses and two kitties there and all were very friendly.  Our view from the enormous deck was rolling hills, trees, the Pacific Ocean on the horizon, and no houses, buildings, or roads in-between.  The night sky was breathtaking.  The house was full of interesting antiques and painted very artistically. 

Well, I guess you have been busy talking to our three kitties!!!  Maggie now climbs up the tree and onto the roof!  She comes into my bed and sits on my chest for lovin’.  She gets so excited she forgets to pull her tongue back into her mouth.  She also let me brush her for the first time.  Daisy is just wonderful with little Noelie.  Spencer complains if Tom…..takes a bath…or even walks away from him and many times stares right in his eyes to check on him.  That bond is incredible. 

Thank you again for doing your MAGIC!!
You are so fascinating to me!
Much Love,

Thomas and Babs Kleinheins

Spencer who worries about his Dad’s health

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