Surgery sucess!

Jiggy relaxing on Dad’s shoulder


Hi Dr. Monica,

Just a follow-up.  Jiggy came through her surgery beautifully yesterday, as you predicted.  The wound is surprisingly large since the tumor had grown so much but she was very accommodating during our first medication session this morning.  I’m sure she remembers what you told her.  She also hasn’t resisted the mandatory collar at all.  That’s a huge relief.  We’re all set to take her with us when we leave on Wednesday.  We had planned to just let her ride on my husband’s shoulder during the drive but since the vet has requested that we not let her fly at all for several weeks, that won’t be possible.  If she gets startled by one of the dogs, we can’t be sure she won’t take flight.  But, every time we stop for gas or a potty break, my husband will spend cuddle time with her – that’s our plan.


There aren’t enough words to thank you for making time for your communication with Jiggy last week.  It was transformative.  My husband’s bond with her is even deeper.  They’re both napping together in the recliner as I’m typing this.  LOL, It’s going to be fun to have her with us – an option that we hadn’t even considered before your conversation.  Our vet loved the idea that you had spoken with her and fully endorsed your suggestions.  You have blessed us again with your remarkable gift.  Thank you.


I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Much love and gratitude,


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