Finding Kala

“A broken heart and desperate times required us to reach beyond our own mental limitations to engage with someone with a set of skills we weren’t sure were legitimate, but figured, we had nothing to lose.  Dr. Monica’s initial observations were so compelling and spot on that only someone with a gift like hers could have known that information. It was compelling enough that in less than 24 hours of receiving her information, we drove from Southern California to Northern Sonora Mexico, in search of our beloved Kala who had disappeared on our trek back home 5 weeks before.  

After weeks of devastation, guilt, loss of sleep and increasingly becoming sick with the grief, we knew we had to try something. The fliers and message boards we wall papered and constant calls to local animal shelters in San Carlos, MX, proved to be a dead end. We assumed the worst but couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps there was still hope that she was alive.  Dr. Monika gave us that hope.  Though we knew we might be bat sh*t crazy to do a 2 day 1600 mile round trip with no guarantee, we knew we’d regret it if we didn’t at least try.

To make a very long story short (perhaps you will read it in its entirety here someday), we have been miraculously reunited with Kala!  Still surreal!  Following the observations and suggestions Dr. Monica laid out for us led to us finding her within 2 hours of our arrival in San Carlos.  Our little family is reunited and in such gratitude for this whole experience.  Not only did we get our cat back, we also learned something about ourselves and how our gnawing intuition should never be ignored.  I hope this helps someone else lean into the unknown and trust in their own “knowing”.

Thank you, Dr. Monica!  You are and have such a gift.”

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