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2017 has been something of a difficult year for me. Those of you who read my May Newsletter already know that I received a call in March telling me my Mother was dying. I had to fly to Argentina to be with her, and after she made her transition, I had to stay for two additional months finalizing all the business details that have to be attended to when someone passes.
By the time I came back home, many, many clients were lined up waiting for me. I resumed a full workload at the same time that I was still trying to recover from the stress of those recent family events. I guess the compounded stress ended up taking its toll on me, because eventually I ended up going to the hospital in severe pain.
The doctors quickly found the cause of that pain . . . a huge kidney stone that could not pass. I had a procedure to blast the stone out of my kidney, and they also put in a temporary stent to keep things open. The stent then created a lot more pain. Fortunately, that was only temporary, but I was out of commission again for almost 3 weeks.
Happily, I can report that the temporary stent has been removed, I am now fully recovered, and I’m able to work a normally full schedule.
I want to thank all of you who sent me healing light and wonderful words of encouragement during this time. I did receive all of your messages, and I have no doubt that I had a better recovery time because of all your well wishes.
Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!


Politically incorrect


Do animals tell the truth? Do they sometimes tell it like it is? Oh, yes!
A Mom with three dogs recently asked for my help. She has two 13-year-old German Shepherds, Max and Hannah, and a 6-year-old German Shepherd named Greta.
One of the 13-year-olds, Max, has a degenerative disease of the spine that affects his hind legs. It limits his walking and other activities, and eventually it will affect his respiratory system as well. When that time comes, his family will do whatever is right for him, but meanwhile, he still enjoys greeting everyone who comes to visit him. He even greets them by getting a stick and bringing it over to them, although he can no longer run and chase it the way he used to.
Hannah, who is also age 13, is the leader of the pack, but at that age, she may not have that much longer to live either.
Mom was concerned about how Greta, the youngest dog, was feeling about Max being sick. She was even more concerned about how Greta would feel if both of the older dogs were to pass . . . but . . . as it turned out . . . there was little for her to be worried about.
I spoke with Greta, asking her the questions that were most important to Mom: “Do you know what is going on with Max and Hannah? How would you feel if both of them pass and were no longer here?”



Greta’s answer was very quick and very clear. She said: “I know you might think it is bad of me to say this . . . but I can’t wait! I want to be number one, and I do not want another dog competing with me for Mom’s attention. I want to be the Queen!”
Mom gasped as she said: “I always tell Greta she is the Princess and Hannah is the Queen. I have no doubt this is Greta talking. You can also see what she’s wishing for in her behavior. She’s always pushing Max so that he stumbles, and she’s always provoking Hannah, too. Yep, that’s definitely Greta.
Greta’s reply clearly shows that not only do animals tell the truth, but they can also be honest to the point of being “politically incorrect” . . . and know it!


An Interesting Question



One of my clients asked me a very interesting question . . . Why is it that animals are able to remember their past lives. but most of us human beings are not able to remember ours?
I wasn’t sure at first if I had an answer to that question, but after I tried writing an answer, I decided that I wanted to share it with all of you. Here’s how I answered it for my client, along with some additions I thought of afterward  . .
Not all animals are able to recall past lives, or to even know if they have a mission in this life. Most of the time, animals who do recall are those we call “old souls.” Some animals might recall a person, or persons, while other might know instinctively what their mission in each lifetime was or is. Newer souls, though, do not know, or understand, the meaning of these questions when they are asked.




Humans don’t usually seem to clearly recall earlier lifetimes either, but children, on the other hand, actually often do recall their past lives. They may vividly remember certain people and events, but this happens only during their younger years. Generally, by the time they go to school, and society starts instilling rules in them about what they can and cannot say, they stop talking about those people and events. Even if they do recall places and people, and talk about them for awhile when they’re young, they eventually lose those memories as they get older.
Sadly, most adults think very young children are just fantasizing when they make comments that reveal information about their past lives, so the adults often miss the opportunity to understand what the child is really trying to share. The best time to listen to what children say, and to ask some follow-up questions, may be when the child is between the ages of 2 and 5.
I think, though, that we all remember bits and pieces, and then we try to piece all of those things together so they’ll make sense to us. Consider moments of deja-vu, when you seem to re-live a moment, or it seems as if you’ve been there before, or seen something before, or heard something before. Where do some of those memories come from, if not possibly from past lives?
When it comes to a person’s life mission, I believe that most thoughtful people know, or eventually discover, what they’re supposed to do in this or any other lifetime. Their hearts always tell them, if they’ll only listen.
One problem is, not everyone is able to fulfill their mission, even if they know what it should be. Society, limited income, family, or a multitude of responsibilities sometimes won’t let you fully follow your heart’s desire in this lifetime.
Or . . . you may choose
to listen to your heart, and to follow an entirely different path instead.
Those are both reasons why we have more than one opportunity, more than one lifetime, in which to fulfill our mission in life, or to learn the lessons we need to learn.
Some people may live many lifetimes of continuously doing good for other people, while some people may have treated others in a hurtful way in past lifetimes.
If . . . in between lives on earth . . . those people have come to realize that what they did previously was wrong, they may now choose to make up for that negative behavior by turning their actions totally around in this lifetime . . . that’s what we call “learning the lesson.”
So, it’s true that our current life’s mission can be intricately defined by things we have done in our past lives. We may not clearly recall those past lives, but we do have a sense of what it is we are supposed to do now. Our lesson in each lifetime is to be good, to do good, to experience life to the fullest, and to be able to receive here and now. The more one gives, the more one receives.
The Universe has a plan, but we have the freedom to make choices within that plan. Our job is to listen to . . . and to follow . . . our hearts.
Those who do follow their hearts, don’t do it for power, or financial gain, but simply because it makes them feel good. This is true for those who might become doctors, nurses, teachers, caregivers, clergy members, or who find other special ways to help people in need. This would include good-hearted individuals who travel to other countries to help native peoples have a clean water supply, to help them build houses, or show them how to start businesses, etc.
For those who can’t do something exceptional, they may still discover a multitude of ordinary ways to help in everyday life. For example, they may offer to let someone in the grocery line go ahead of them, or give an exceptionally good tip to a waitress, or pay for someone else’s meal, or make a donation to help build homes for the disadvantaged, or to feed those on a limited income, or who are out of work.
There are absolutely endless ways people can find to be helpful and to do good. Even the smallest of ways can touch the hearts and lives of many others in addition to the person or persons directly being helped. The good effect of a small kindness is often much, much bigger, and far more extensive, than we will ever know in this lifetime.
Anyway, that’s my take on it. Hope this helps.


A Closing Thought
If you’re interested in learning more about past lives, you might consider reading
Many Lives, Many Masters
by Brian Weiss, MD, along with some of his other books. He also offers CD’s that can guide you through the process of discovering your own past lives.
Dr. Weiss is a psychiatrist who is a Yale graduate and a truly dedicated scientist. He only discovered past lives when one of his clients, Catherine, provided information that couldn’t possibly have come from her present lifetime.
He was
skeptical at first because of his dedicated scientific background, but over time, working with many, many people, especially those who weren’t being helped using traditional methods, he gradually came to understand the incredible healing benefits his clients were experiencing as a result of exploring their past lives. He is now a leading authority in that field.
His website is www.brianweiss.com.
Until next time . . .

Getting Back to Normal


Being back home again makes me appreciate all that I have, as well as all that I’m able to do when I use my gift of communicating with animals, so it is with great pleasure that I’m once again able to resume a normal work schedule, and to sit down to write to all of you.
After such a long absence, there are, of course, many, many people waiting to see me, call me, or Skype with me. Please do be patient while I make time to see and be with each and every one of you and your beloved pets.
Thank you all for subscribing to my Newsletter, and for being so patient with me!
My love goes out to all of you!
Dr. M.
Dr. Monica Diedrich