Had Just Been to the Vet

Dr. Monica says: “On Leslie’s visit, I had told her that her dog was suffering from an ear infection. Obviously caught off guard, she said she had just been to the vet for some anxiety medication and they had found nothing wrong with him. Upon closer inspection of the dog’s ear, I saw the one in question just a little … Continue reading

7 Children Sleeping Around My Feet

Dear Dr. Monica, First, I send you my warmest regards. I hope you’re keeping well. Second, I send you my sincerest thanks. You have been a wonderful help. As I write this e-mail, I have all seven of my “children” sleeping on or around my feet. From the largest to the smallest. From the oldest to the newest (including Sebastian!). … Continue reading

Listen to My Intuition

Dear Monica, Thank you so very much for your help with Jordan. It was very gratifying to learn that I was pretty much on target about what was best for me and Mijo. Your confirmation encourages and assures me to listen to my intuition and just TRUST that the information is for our highest good. Most importantly, your time with … Continue reading