Dear Dr. Monica, Speaking with you today, and with Jack, gave me so much peace!  I often worried that Jack would be upset with me .  He was usually with us, in the car, at the beach, even coming to work every day. The thought of him being alone when he passed was unsettling, even though I know it was a peaceful transition for him.I truly believe Jack was meant to be part of our family.  Thank you for that confirmation!  Mischief and all, Jack was pure love.  I wrote about him, “My sweet boy, constant companion, office greeter and dinner stealer, you captured my heart from the moment I saw you. My lovebug for nine years, I will miss your cheerful disposition and snuggles.”  I will be open to his signs and messages, taking comfort knowing that my Jack is still with me. 
With heartfelt gratitude,Debbie


Jack now in spirit

Strenghten our bonds

Dear Dr. Monica:

Thank you so much for Marvel’s session and the document supporting what he said. We’ve known you for so long at least 10-12 years and you have read for all of our babies (Sasha, Chloe, Bella, Marvel and Maddy).

We are so grateful to be on the receiving end of your wonderful gifts! You have connected us to our babies and strengthen the bonds therein and spurned much love.

We love you!

Laura, David, Marvel and Maddy – March 2019

Is There A Rainbow Bridge?

When my clients request consultations, about half the time they want me to communicate with their pets who are dying or who have already crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. If a beloved pet has passed on, there are certain questions almost everyone wants answered… Where are you? Are you well? Are you happy? Do you have any pain? Based on … Continue reading