You help with our own anxiety

Thank you, Dr. Monica! Our session with you has helped relieve a lot of my own anxiety about Katie! We will review your notes many times, and I also have our session recorded on my phone. Many blessings to you — you are such a blessing to the animals, and to their caretakers. Thank you for your courage in listening to and following your inner guidance in a world that as yet does not fully recognize or accept such a gift.With love,

Rebecca, Karyn & Katie XO


Strenghten our bonds

Dear Dr. Monica:

Thank you so much for Marvel’s session and the document supporting what he said. We’ve known you for so long at least 10-12 years and you have read for all of our babies (Sasha, Chloe, Bella, Marvel and Maddy).

We are so grateful to be on the receiving end of your wonderful gifts! You have connected us to our babies and strengthen the bonds therein and spurned much love.

We love you!

Laura, David, Marvel and Maddy – March 2019

The Best Communicator

It is always a pleasure Dr. Monica. You are the best communicator with animals that I have ever encountered. I so appreciate you and the obvious love that you express in your work. Thank you for keeping your fees affordable. And being approachable. I remember in one of your past books you used one of the stories of my little … Continue reading