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Dr. Monica’s Newsletter for November, 2003
Helping You to Know Your Pets as You Never Could Before
November, 2003

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What’s in this month’s issue?

1. Dr. Monica “Live” – Appearances, Readings
2. Featured article from Dr. Monica’s case files: I am still wearing pants!
3. Pet Tips from Dr. Monica: Shampoo for your Pooch.
4. More about “What Your Animals Tell Me”
5. A final note


Pet Consultations

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November feature article from Dr. Monica’s case files
I am still wearing pants!

Today I had a consultation with Diana and her dog Woody. Woody is a golden retriever of about 15 years.
She inherited Woody when her daughter, Brenda who died two years ago. That is all the information I received
from Diane before we started out ‘talking’ with Woody.

Woody had been very sad after he lost his Mom and even though Grandma has tried to be extra nice to him,
there are days when he is very down. I was communicating with Woody that his Mom was on the other side
and explaining death, when he sent me a picture showing me that he had seen his Mom coming in and
visiting with him several times.

When I said this Diana became very interested in trying to get any information at all that Woody could
translate from her daughter Brenda. Brenda said to me, through Woody, that she was fine now, but that
she was still wearing pants. I didn’t really understand the reason why she would say something like
that but I let it go as one of those flukes that I get for which I never really get the answer for.
Diana asked me to repeat it again and as I did I remember shrugging my shoulders and giving a faint
smile. “That’s exactly what she said and I have no other clue”, I told her.

Another question that Diana wanted Woody to discuss was, “What about the animals?”
I tried to get her to clarify that question and she would only say pragmatically; “He would know”.

When I asked Woody he said that he was living in a farm with lots of different animals and that he
missed that very much. He wished he could be there but he understands now that he can’t. It’s funny
but when I translated that to Grandma and she volunteered to say that indeed he lived in a farm I
immediately ‘assumed’ that was the reason why Brenda said she was wearing pants, but Diane said nothing.

At the end of our conversation with Woody, Diane asked me if I could please talk to Brenda. Stubborn
as I am I couldn’t say no although I explained to her that I do not do humans. Nevertheless I felt bad
saying no. So I tried to get some information, feeling that it was very important for Diane to get some closure.

Brenda said she had been wanting to die for such a long time before she passed. She didn’t want to stick around
but she could not do anything about it except wait it out. Brenda said she did not blame Diane for anything at
all, there was really nothing she could have done to help at that moment. Then, out of the blue, Brenda said.
“Please tell her that I want to apologize for the way that I treated her. That was so bad of me, Tell her
I am sorry. I am so sorry”.

Diane smiled broadly for the first time. Then she told me that Brenda had had a sex change operation. She
had been born a boy and chose to have a surgery to become a woman. Throughout her ordeal she had separated
herself from family and friends and tried to start a new life. But during the operation she had been infected
with Hepatitis C and her body had to go through a lot of pain during the last few months of her life.
Brenda had blamed Diane for a lot of her emotional problems and was constantly blaming her Mother for her life.
The fact that I translated to Diane that Brenda was sorry made her breathe easier. She knew now that all the bad
things she had endured from Brenda and all the bad feelings between them were now dissolved. She was now at ease.

Also interestingly enough Diane felt that my translation of “I am still wearing pants” means that she went back
to being a male entity, something he had fought so much against all of his life.

Dorothy reassured me that this was the best experience in her life and she has been relieved of a lot of baggage
and pain. In the meantime, Woody has been able to accept Brenda’s passing and say goodbye to the farm.


Tips for the month
Shampoo for your Pooch

Many owners hold the belief that their dogs should not be bathed frequently. In many cases the dogs
have problems such as dandruff, skin infections or plain old body odor where bathing is indicated.
I know that I would not allow my dog to sleep on my bed if he was smelling like he just met a skunk.
He loves this weekly ritual but some dogs do not like to be bathed. So here are some things that might help you.

1) Get all your stuff together before you start. Brushes, shampoo, towels, sponge or washcloth.
Please use warm water if you can unless your pet suffers from aggravated allergies where cooler water
would be better. There is nothing worse for a dog (or a human) than a freezing bath or shower. Use cotton
balls to prevent water from getting into the ear canal if necessary. If they are difficult to hold get a
slip lead or head lead. Make sure that if they don’t like to be bathed they associate that with a new good
experience so always have some tasty treat available next to you and make sure you give him plenty of treats
each time he behaves. He will learn in time to love bath time!
2) Time for your bath! You can be sure your pooch will know that his time has come when he sees you
getting ready. No sense of calling him if he does not like the process. Instead you go get him, put the
leash and feed him treat while walking him to the bathing spot. If he’s small it’s OK to carry him.
3) One of the worse things that can happen to a dog that already hates baths is to have water run
down his nose. Prevent this by using a sponge or washcloth to gently wet the hair on top of his head,
taking care to tip his nose up so that the water runs towards his shoulders, not his face (and certainly
not his eyes).
4) For big dogs don’t try to wet and wash his whole body at once. Do it in sections and get him wet
as you go (remember use warm water). At each step feed him a treat and tell him what a good boy he is.
5) Rinse the soap out and do this thoroughly. Dry shampoo becomes very itchy and leaves the coat
coarse. Use water liberally as long as he lets you but avoid the face. Use the washcloth instead.
6) Shake off time. This is their favorite part. Allow them to shake off the excess water as soon
as you are done and then towel dry them with a large plush towel. Rub and massage his body. They will
love it.
7) If you have a small dog or one with long hair you can use the hair dryer while combing out mats.
Keep the air on cool or make sure the setting is on low.

Enjoy the process and make it fun. They will follow your lead!

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