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Dr. Monica’s Newsletter for October, 2003
Helping You to Know Your Pets as You Never Could Before
October, 2003

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What’s in this month’s issue?

1. Dr. Monica “Live” – Appearances, Readings
2. Featured article from Dr. Monica’s case files: The Flight of T-Bird
3. Pet Tips from Dr. Monica: The Perils of Halloween
4. More about “What Your Animals Tell Me”
5. A final note


Dr. Monica – “Live!”

On October 11th , I will be at Ananda Bookstore
5225 Canyon Crest Dr. in Riverside
15 minutes consultations from 10.30 AM till 4.00 PM
Call for information (909) 686-3471
Reservations are a must, last month I was booked up.

Also October 25th, I will be at The Learning Light
15 minutes consultations from 10.00 AM to 3 PM
1212 W. Lincoln Ave. Anaheim
(714) 533-2311 for reservations

Pet Consultations

Dr. Monica offers 15-minute pet consultations (you can purchase more time as needed)
in many locations around southern California. Done in person. Bring pet on leash or
carrier with bladder relieved. Here is the current schedule.

Mondays and Fridays in Anaheim (please call for address)

Wednesdays in Highland:
Dr. De Grasse Clinic
3654 E. Highland Ave. Suite 12
Highland, Ca. 92346
(909) 425-8849 (please call for appointments)

For reservations and further information on any event,
You may call Dr. Monica directly at 714-772-2207.


October feature article from Dr. Monica’s case files

The Flight of T-Bird

A friend of a friend called me up to find a lost dog. I sat there listening to the specifics:
she has a friend in another state, who breeds Manchester Terriers just like her and she has
known the couple for a long time. While showing some of her dogs, Debbie left an 18 months old
girl named T-Bird for a few days with a dog-sitter. The sitter was about 25 minutes away from
their home so they feared T-Bird would not be able to find her way

The day after they left for the show T-Bird jumped the fence of the dog-sitter’s house and had
not been back since! When they asked me for help I gave them my standard answer: I do not like doing
lost pets. My reason is that even if I can locate them I can’t tell their human to go to the intersection
of First and Broadway to be found. The animals are able to look at their surroundings and describe them
but basically it’s a fine line when you are supposed to go out there looking for them. Add to this the fact
that with the passing of each day the animals are less likely to tell me about their new location since
they move around so much that details begin to fade, and it becomes an almost futile exercise. It became
apparent that this would be a lot more difficult when Betty told me the dog had been missing for three weeks!
That’s when I said that I didn’t think I could help. But Betty asked me to please try to communicate with
the dog, just to see if she was still alive. She said it would mean the world to her friend Debbie just to
be able to know that much and would I please speak to her.
I couldn’t refuse.

Debbie called me the next morning. Although Debbie did not have a picture of T-Bird I knew what a Manchester
Terrier looked like so identifying with the dog would not be a problem. She told me she lives in Texas
(gave me the city) and said again that the city T-Bird got lost in was farther north. Once more I was careful in
explaining what she could expect from me but at that moment it was obvious that any information was better than nothing.

It didn’t take me long to find T-Bird. She was very scared. She didn’t want to approach other animals or people.
She was completely lost but nearby. I told Debbie that my feeling was not more than 4 blocks away. She continued to
give me an image of a white picket fence that looked worn and with some greenery around it. I told her, “I can see about
5 or 6 white sticks but then a vine or some kind of green is covering the other part. She has been very close by.
She also can smell horses a little ways away. The houses are not very close together. She is hiding and comes out at night.
Someone is feeding her”. I told Debbie that T-Bird was not the same little girl she had lost and even if she found her not
to expect to be able to ‘show’ her for awhile; maybe ever again. This experience had been too traumatizing.

Debbie told me that T-Bird was indeed seen by an old woman who puts out food for stray dogs. I was not told before
but now Debbie confirms that this woman has seen T-Bird coming in for supper. Debbie has put up posters all over the city
and she is getting calls from people who have seen T-Bird. But every time she gets there, T-Bird is long gone, sometimes
by only fifteen minutes. Other times when calls come in from well-intended people they turn out to be false alarms.

“How can I find her, Dr. Monica?”, asked Debbie, her voice breaking up.
Thinking fast I suggested “How about if I ask T-Bird to go back to eat at this old woman’s home and stay around the
corner until she sees you? Would that work?”
“Yes, yes that would work. I can go up there tonight!”, responded Debbie

I told Debbie to take T-Bird’s mother Tara with her so she could urinate and mark territory. This would help T-Bird
to understand that she was on familiar ground. I also asked her to start calling T-Bird in her usual sweet upbeat voice.
She was to park her car and walk the neighborhood while being attentive to any brush movement. Debbie agreed.

This was four days ago, and Debbie had called me again to tell me that, with her husband and the other dog she has gone
back to the spot a couple of days in a row and spent the night in her car. Now that she knows her little girl is alive there,
she is not going to stop until she finds her.

Being the skeptic that I am, my mind was torturing me thinking of this wonderful couple spending their nights
sleeping in the car because of what I said to them. Nevertheless, every night before going to sleep I would send
the same picture to T-Bird and ask her to go back to the house where she was fed and that her family would be there.

Today has been five days since I spoke with Debbie and it’s almost quitting time Monday September 29th.
As I check my e-mail one last time this is what I found.
>From: Charles Williams
>Dear Dr. Monica,
>It has been an answer to our prayers. It is so good to have her home again.
>I also want to thank you for your kindness which helped me through a very difficult time. We appreciate our friend
>Betty for putting us in touch with you. I will send you an update on T-Bird and we have all the time in the world to give
>her to let her adjust from her trauma. We can tell she is so happy to be home, but not happier than we are!!!!

>Thank You,
>Debbie & Charles Williams :))

Debbie called me to complete the story. She received a phone call from another woman who had been feeding T-Bird.
The dog had gotten close enough to her so that she could make out the phone number on her tag. Debbie took Tara again
with her to this other woman house and sure enough when feeding time came, T-Bird showed up for supper.

It took T-Bird a little while to realize that this was her human Mom but as soon as she did she came leaping
into Debbie’s arms never to part again.
Yes, Debbie you were right in not loosing your hope, there are Miracles all around us!


Tips for the month

The Perils of Halloween

While October may be the favorite month of thousands of humans, who excitedly plan their costumes of spooks,
vampires and monsters, in anticipation of Halloween, cats, particularly black cats, have little cause
for celebration this month. Much has been said about the more violent indignities that may
be practiced on black cats at this time of year, but a more subtle cruelty has surfaced in
recent years. Some shelters have noted a spate of black cat adoptions shortly before Halloween,
with many of these cats returned to the shelters in the days after the holiday because
“He just didn’t work out.” One might assume that these people just wanted another Halloween
decoration for their house – a black cat in the window, perhaps, or a “familiar” to go
with that new witch costume. It probably did not even occur to them that this practice is
cruel and inhumane – this kind of individual typically thinks of cats as property, and not
as sentient beings who suffer real trauma from being dragged back and forth from shelter to
home and back again.

Let’s talk about the violence. It is true that statistics on black cat torture during October
are lacking – most of the stories we hear are heresay, and some, no doubt,
have been drummed up simply for the shock value. The conundrum is that the problem can be
self-fulfilling. Young minds are vulnerable, particularly the minds of youths who have themselves
been abused. When they hear stories of ritual Satanic abuse of cats, a spark ignites, and a new
crime wave is off and running, with a “stray” black cat the target. The perception of danger to
black cats on Halloween has become so prevalent that many shelters and humane societies
refuse to allow adoption of black cats during the entire month of October. Lacking this
previously easy source of victims, practitioners of the black occult and other sadists look to
the streets for their sacrificial cats, and color is not always the highest priority.

Black cats have taken a bad rap throughout history. Greek mythology taught that a woman named
Galenthias was turned into a cat and became a priestess at the temple of Hecate, the “Dark Mother,”
and sometimes known as the Mother of Witchcraft. During the 12th and 13th century, witches in Europe
were often found with their “familiars,” usually black cats, and were said to turn themselves into
cats at times. During the witch-burning era of the 17th century, witches’ cats were put into baskets
and burned alongside the witches. Even in the 21st century, old superstitions have survived.

In many European countries and in the U.S., black cats signify bad luck, while in England,
your luck is said to turn good if a black cat crosses your path. Keep them Indoors for the reasons
cited above, it is best to keep all cats indoors during the month of October, regardless of their
color, but especially if they happen to be black. (Indeed, cats are safer indoors any time of year.)
Even though there may be no cultists in your neighborhood or community, the sheer numbers of people
out and about on Halloween, along with increased vehicular traffic make the outdoors a frightening
and unsafe place for small furry creatures. In addition, on Halloween night and the weekend before,
you’ll be wise to keep your cats locked inside an interior room in the house, lest they panic and
slip out when hobgoblins come to your door. Even the calmest cat can become upset at endless doorbell
ringing and youthful voices shouting “Trick or treat!” Enjoy your holiday while saving your kitties
from unnecessary stress.

Happy Halloween!

Dr. Monica’s new book

New ways to order your copy of Dr. Monica’s new book
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