Can We Talk?

Dr. Monica –

Several years ago, you came to my home to speak with my doggie as I was desperate to communicate with him. His doctor had given him approx 6 months and I was deeply heartbroken and needed for him to know how much I loved him.

I had never seen an intuitive before and was a bit skeptical, but you told me he would live a long life, and he did. I had concerns about him not eating and you told me he said he wasn’t a big eater but that he’d try to eat more – and he did… and you told me something that blew my mind… I asked what his “favoritest” thing we do together and you said… “I’m not sure what your dog is trying to say to me, but he’s describing hide in seek” and the tears flew out my eyes – – – – how could you have possibly guessed we played hide in seek all the time?

It was then I became a believer that I was indeed, able to communicate with my doggie thru your guidance.

On December 31, 2009, I made the hardest decision I’ve ever made and one I had been dreading, to help my beloved fur child go to the other side… I miss him terribly. Can we talk?

Stephanie in Dana Point – January 20th 2010

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