A Priceless Treasure Who has Helped Me Bridge a Gap

Dear Monica:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the reading. I know that many birds at once (especially my nuts!) must have been a challenge.

There are a couple of things I have been meaning to share with you.

The first time you read Dion I had rescued him just weeks before, he shared with you that he had been living with a man. He talked about how scared he was and then he showed you a picture of him and his owner “nose to beak” to show how close he felt to him. He also talked about how sad and scared he was. About 2 weeks later at home he climbed up on me and walked up on my chest and pressed his beak as hard as he could up against my nose. I of course started crying because I understood his message was that I was OK in his book! And that he was accepting me and was once again a happy bird!

The next thing is about “Cinco”. She talked about how she had gotten sick riding in to see you because she was holding still and everything else was moving (the opposite of when she flies) and she asked for her ‘blankie’. You commented at the time it was a strange translation. Well, I can explain.

I had done laundry earlier that day and a friend reached and grabbed one of my nightgowns and covered her when she started getting sick in the car. So when she mentioned to you later that she wanted her blankie I had to laugh. When she was little I would put her on my chest at night wearing one of three similar nightgowns and I would cover her with a thin blanket. I would pet her and kiss her and say here’s your blankie Cinco, to keep you warm and safe. . .

Also you told her that she should get on the floor going home and I would cover her so she didn’t have to see out. I laughed to myself and thought “no way is she going to do that”. Everything in birds instinct tells them higher is safer not on the ground!

But you know what, as soon as I stepped outside she hopped on the floor of the cage and stuck her head in the corner! So I laughed and thought (you go Monica!) and covered her up!

Well I could go on for hours with the revelations that you have shared concerning ‘my kids’ but I won’t. . .let me close this by saying even though I understand my guys I sometimes can’t express or adequately communicate with them. . . what is happening or what I need them to do.

And for that you are a priceless treasure who has helped me bridge a gap that has enriched my life and my birds lives as well!

Thank you,
September 2008

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