Both Sides of the Equation

Both Sides of the EquationHello Dr. Monica,

Thank you. I found your communication with my pet to be completely clear, accurate and true to who she is, as I know her. I am touched to have shared this with you and appreciate the sensitivity and gentleness that you bring to your work.

It is quite a commitment to do the work you are doing and to have been chosen so young, well, it is a lot. And it is quite a “dance” to work with the many energies you have to work with: the animals and their companions, and to communicate in a way that makes sense to both sides of the equation. Plus, to do that every day for the time period you have allotted each day. You have my admiration and respect.

Thank you for this time and I know better what to do in the difficult time ahead.

All the best to you,
Laura and Amanda
New Mexico
September 2008

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