Dear Dr. Monica, Speaking with you today, and with Jack, gave me so much peace!  I often worried that Jack would be upset with me .  He was usually with us, in the car, at the beach, even coming to work every day. The thought of him being alone when he passed was unsettling, even though I know it was a peaceful transition for him.I truly believe Jack was meant to be part of our family.  Thank you for that confirmation!  Mischief and all, Jack was pure love.  I wrote about him, “My sweet boy, constant companion, office greeter and dinner stealer, you captured my heart from the moment I saw you. My lovebug for nine years, I will miss your cheerful disposition and snuggles.”  I will be open to his signs and messages, taking comfort knowing that my Jack is still with me. 
With heartfelt gratitude,Debbie


Jack now in spirit