7 Children Sleeping Around My Feet

Dear Dr. Monica,
First, I send you my warmest regards. I hope you’re keeping well. Second, I send you my sincerest thanks. You have been a wonderful help.

Rolo, one of 7 children

Rolo, one of 7 children

As I write this e-mail, I have all seven of my “children” sleeping on or around my feet. From the largest to the smallest. From the oldest to the newest (including Sebastian!). I write to you to tell you how amazingly well Plato has adjusted. He is right now lying down next to Sebastian, sound asleep, without any problems. I was amazed when I noticed an almost immediate change in his attitude towards Tala (the puppy), but I’m thrilled to see how readily he has accepted Sebastian as well. He hasn’t lifted a lip or raised his neck hair even once since you spoke to him, except on one occasion. Plato was lying in his back with Tala licking his leg. She’s currently teething. At one point she decided his leg looked like a munchy, juicy thing to bite int … Well, Plato did not think that was funny. But no harm done. He just told her his legs are off limits! The difference it has made in my life, and in our household, cannot adequately be described by words.To be honest… I never thought it was possible. But here we are. All thanks to you.

Warmest regards
Evangelia from South Africa, 11-4-2005


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