Changes Have Produced Amazing Results

Dear Monica,
I wanted to thank you so much for making the long trip and coming over so quickly! It was so great to meet you! I thought you might be interested to know the results of your work. For two hours after you left, I really seriously reflected on what to do!! Every time I looked at that sweet Harold, I just couldn’t imagine letting him go!! But then my love, Spence — I would never want to make him unhappy!! In short order, I decided that I must keep Harold and give him at least six months, with no pressure, to just acclimate at his own pace. I decided to shower Spence with much more love and affection, and I’m talking to him and explaining to him that he’s No. 1 and always will be — but Harold needs a safe home! I’m bringing Spence on the bed every night where he’s snuggling up with me, and Harold is happy to sleep in his room. Also, I immediately went out and bought Harold a 4′ tower and put it in front of the window in my office — moved the fax machine over as you suggested! Well, these changes have produced amazing results in just two days! I spent some time with Harold on Friday night lying on the couch in my office… and he crawled up on me and purred at high volume and he was so relaxed and happy… I really believe he was thanking me for everything and for having you over! Next day he started coming out of the bedroom gradually. By last night, he was with me in my master bath and closet, hanging out! He was on my bed this morning… and he’s hanging out regularly in my bedroom window checking everything out! And it’s only been two days!!!!!!

So thanks again… you made the difference for me and the two beauties!
Lori, Spence and Harold

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