More Relaxed

Dear Dr. Monica,
Thank you so very much for e-mailing me your notes from your reading with Tigger, Sassy, and Anna. I also wanted you to know the changes I saw in them after the reading. Not more than 10 minutes after I got off of the phone with you last Friday, I noticed Anna was eating some cat grass which I had bought for the cats over a week ago. Sassy was the only one who was eating it. You see, after you told Anna that her babies were no longer here, she’s stopped hanging out in the windows as much, and by her eating the grass, it was just like telling me that this is where I live now, and I no longer have a desire to go outside and do the things I use to do out there. And Sassy is not so jumpy when strangers come in the house and he’s been hanging around my daughter more. Thank you so much for everything. I feel more relaxed about going on vacation now, and knowing that my cats will be more relaxed while I am gone.

Take care,
Dana Cairns

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