Cosette is Still Around Me

Dear Dr. Monica,
I just wanted to thank you so much for our phone consultation yesterday. It’s wonderful to know that Cosette is still around me and that I can speak to her through my heart. I was impressed by just how much you’d captured the quality of my little friend and soul mate in the communication you had with her, and it’s so comforting to know and to truly believe that her spirit does continue to do its work after her physical body has departed. The validations you passed on to me from Cos were extraordinarily accurate – the details of her final illness, the way in which I’ve been using her collar to feel close to her after her physical death, and your (her) description of the photograph that shows her as she’d like to be remembered. I have attached a copy of this for you – from what you said, I’m sure it’s the picture that she intended, and she’d probably like you to see how beautiful she used to be too! Thank you so much for sharing your gift in the way that you do, and helping those of us who are less empowered to understand a little more about the infinite mysteries of the universe, and our interconnection with all life forms. I greatly look forward to reading your next book

Bracknell (Berks), UK

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