PookiePookie girl…

Dear Monica,

I wanted to thank you for your insightful reading into Pookie a few weeks back. Where does the time go before you write thank yous to folks who deserve it?!

One can think that they have a close relationship with animals and think that they fully appreciate that bond until they hear what comes through your communications. Many ‘conversations’ I had with Pookie cat were validated as heard by her, through your notes and the phone conversation with my Mother. I am humbled by the fact that I did not more fully realize that I was communicating each time I was in the moment with her, but your gift helps many attain a deeper appreciation and respect for their relationship with their pets. You raise our perceptions of this bond completely out of the subconscious and place it right before us and it has a phenomenal, yet subtle impact on the humans who do listen to you. I have been processing much of this over the last few weeks since we sent Pookie to the other side, and there are still subtle epiphanies that cause me to reflect and reevaluate life. I have referred perhaps 5 folks to you while speaking to folks in our store. In the course of one conversation, one young woman I spoke with had to euthanize a similar cat (calico or tortoiseshell) after a similar bout with mouth cancer and did this around the same day that I did. I hope that she was able to contact you and resolve the pain somewhat.

The parallels and mirrors life sends us are perplexing and illuminating at once.

Moonfyre Metaphysical
Campbell, CA. 95008
May, 2011

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