Integrating the Cats

Dr. Monica,

Thank you so much!! We all love that little Ivy so much and my mom said she thinks the “kids” that Ivy was referring to about picking her up are my brother and I. We aren’t kids anymore but we’re my moms kids and we do pick her up (although we won’t anymore!).

I know my mom updated you on Missy (the office cat I took for her) Missy is doing much better she really worked hard to adjust after you spoke to her, the change was immediate. I also spoke with you shortly after that about Ashes (the older male cat in my house) he had started peeing on the carpet and would not use his box anymore because he was so upset by that “Xena warrior” Missy. I got him a new box put it in a new place in my room and somehow convinced the other female cat, belle, not to use it. He has been using that box ever since and has calmed down. I keep Missy out of my room at all times so ashes has his safe place to hang out. The cats all take turns being in the living room and it seems to be working out. 🙂 Thank you so so much!!! I don’t think I could have ever integrated the three of them without your help. I’ll try to send them all good night kisses and messages while I’m gone.

What you do is amazing and a true blessing to those of us who love our little animal babies.

Chandra and Carol
March 21, 2011

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