I had no clue

I had no clue


I just wanted to thank you for the reading. It was amazing to me to realize how Sassy really feels about some of these things…. I had no clue, or all I had were conflicting ones. I’m especially glad to know how much she likes going outside and that she wants the barricades and pads gone as much as I do. Fascinating!!!

I’m concerned about her skin as she is scratching and biting her back a lot and it’s getting raw. We’ve never experienced this before. It could be connected to whatever is causing the eyes to run. One thing that surprised me is that I’ve had a few other readings with Sassy but not so much about the everyday as our connection. She usually always has to make a point about what a big dog/spirit she is and finds it frustrating to have this more frail body. In case you’re interested…. once she said how could I love her when I didn’t love myself, and it precipitated me doing a lot of work in that area. Another time she said she is here to help me open my heart and get in touch with some old stuff stuck in my belly, and also that she’s looking forward to me being able to hear her. Again, thanks so much for being you and sharing your gifts.

Love and light,

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