The Best Communicator

It is always a pleasure Dr. Monica. You are the best communicator with animals that I have ever encountered. I so appreciate you and the obvious love that you express in your work. Thank you for keeping your fees affordable. And being approachable.
I remember in one of your past books you used one of the stories of my little Krista (transitioned many years ago).

You are more than welcome to use Reiki’s stories or personality in your blog or publications. We support you in teaching people about the soul journeys that we share with our animals. I know that my spirit has grown through the experience and love of my relationships with my animals. thank you

Wishing you a bright day! Angella


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  1. Hi Monica
    I just wanted to say thank you for your article. I had to to put my 12 yr old dog Jazmine to sleep 2 days ago n my heart hurts so bad…Just wanted to express myself to you n others ,that same day i had to let my baby girl go to heaven without me was one of the hardest days of my life. My Jazzer pazzer pie (thats what me n my 3 yr son would call her at times)had been a miracle puppy when she was one i went n dropped her off to get spade n had gotten a bad feeling n i kept texting that im worried for her somethings wrong. I had just got back to the office from feild work as a visiting cna in Lancaster pa. When i got a horrible call from my vet saying that Jazzy had flat lined n they had brought her back to life the vet said that she was too risky for operating of any kind . In one way i thanked the vet for saving her n the other hand i hated her for she n her crew in the operating room gave her too much meds to make her sleep for that she never did get spade for i was deathly afraid to have her go under the knife ever again. I read everything about not having your dog spade n well its all true my baby girl had problems n had to have n emergency hysterectomy i was so scared she wasn’t coming home again n well she did for ah few more years yet that vet did save her but when i went to see her she was a mess they said oh shes up n walking yet not eating for us when i did see her i told them ahe was over medicated n tge vet got nasty with me n said dont you tell me how to treat my patient i said im not im telling you how to treat my loving dog please cut back on meds. I went back the next day n she walked out to see me n i was so happy she was walking i gave her some chicken n she ate every bit my pup was back! I asked what they did different for the vet would not come see me as i requested the young lady said they changed her meds needless to say im not a vet myself or others but you should always listen to the owner’s for we do know our pets..My story doesnt have a happy ending but she did get spoiled by me everyday for 12 years n im so grateful to have received her as the best birthday present i ever received. My Jazzy developed a lump at her belly n i was going to set up n operation i took her to the vet got a estimate n said i will call to set up appointment the next 2 days i thought n fought with myself not knowing what to do i finally said yes to operation n i called the vet n here the one i had talked to n entrusted with had left the practice i felt horrible a bad feeling came apon me once again . I did not go get the operation done im not sure if i did the right thing for her n i feel so guilty n bad n sad all at tge same time she lived one year longer yet her lump slowly got bigger as i got sadder knowing i would have to decide when to put her to sleep i didn’t want her to be in any pain. That dreadful night i had moved my leg in bed n felt her behind me im afraid she jumped off my bed n hurt her back leg close to lump she woke me up crying shes never cried before ever i started crying knowing that she was in pain that she needed pease i took her as soon as the vets opened seen the Dr. N knew what she would say she needed to go to sleep so we decided to let her go to heaven. That same day me n my husband went home in sorrow weeping so much for our first child to us Jazzy our baby girl was gone. We decided to a little latter to go to my moms house for thats where our 2 boys had went to have dinner their . That day was so cloudy rainy n sad then the sun came out shining brightly …. then at my moms house a big storm came dark as night then a short break in between the clouds n rain i said we better go home before it gets worse i went to the kitchen rinsed out my can n went to throw it in the recycle bin out back whrn i looked up in to the sky so blue n bright weird lights of sun light n out came a HUGE rainbow i smiled so big n shouted come see our Jazzy found rainbow bridge n shes happy at pease she saying I love you mom n dad ill see you later ill be waiting for you.😙

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