I Stopped Giving Offerings

Dear Dr. Monica.

I stopped giving offerings

Rokki 2

I would like to thank you so much for the reading you did for my beloved Rokki 2 years ago.
I should have sent you a thank you note much earlier to report to you that my Rokki did return to us last year!
After the 1st anniversary of Rokki’s passing, I stopped giving offerings to Rokki’s altar.
After some time, I did some internet search to look for my Rokki in the form of puppy.
Then, I found a photo of chihuahua puppy who looks quite similar to the first Rokki.
I contacted the breeder right away and drove 2 hours to see the puppy.
In that instance, I knew this was my boy! The rest is history!
I will attach his photo.
His name is again Rokki. I couldn’t find anything else.
He has the same personality as Rokki 1, to my surprise.
I really appreciate that my Rokki came back to our life!
We are so happy and feel complete with Rokki around.

Thank you so much for saving me when I was at emotional loss.


From Japan


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  1. So happy this lady got here dog back after reincarnated. If animals are tortured in this world, they can’t be reincarnated. Thank divine for giving DR, Monica to us.

  2. Dear Dr. Monica,
    I lost my tony, 7 yrs lab suddenly, last week, though he was asking for help from me, I asked my brother to take him to the vet, my brother did go, but to a diff vet. After the meds, instead of improving, his restlessness increased n he passed away. I hv been feeling guilty, in fact all of us, I know my pet is watching us over because he is far better than all of us in the family., but i want you to help me, can u speak to him? Can u help me ask forgiveness from him, as i did not take him to vet bcz he would bite us, but we loved him, also I was unwell n returned from hospital, the regular Dr on leave, so many parameters ensured that my pet is no more. But guilt is killing me. Please please help if you can in any way.

    Thanks n rgds

  3. Dear Dr Monica,

    We lost our beloved Ram recently.She’s a normal feline tabby cat.My wife Joni, still pines for her and whenever Joni thinks of Ram she breaks down.

    Would you be kind enough to let us know where Ram is now and how she’s doing.

    Kind Regards

    • Hello Christopher: I am so sorry for your loss. I would be happy to give you a consultation for Ram and Joni. All you have to do is click on Services and Fees to get the information you need to schedule the appointment, Dr. M

  4. I have just lost my precious cat to cancer, and it’s as though I have lost my child. She was my soulmate. On our last night together, I told her to come back and find me. Do you believe that pets return to their people very often? There seem to be a lot of self-professed pet psychics online, claiming that pet reincarnation is common, and that they will find their way back to you. Telling people what they want to hear? What are your thoughts please?

    • I have written about pet reincarnation on one of my books before anybody talked about it. I do believe they come back because they have told me so, but it is not a ‘common’ occurrence. It is a ‘special’ occurrence. That means that not all of them have the need to go back to the same humans. Those that do, do it because their human still needs to learn some lessons that only they can provide. Also, the amount of time between incarnations could be between 3-5 years if their life was terminated because of illness. Only when it was an accident that could have been prevented, an animal could come back a lot sooner. Hope this answers your question.

  5. My beloved dog passed away almost two months ago. I still cry for her and miss her so much. She was a wonderful pet. Sometimes I look at her pictures and tell her to come back to mommy again. Hope that wherever she is she is doing great. But here on earth I miss her so much! Dr.Monica i would love to have a reading and know if my little princess is doing good. Hope you are doing good and hope to hear from you. Love … Rocio

    • Of course I can help you to contact your girl. All you have to do is click on Services and Fees and follow the information there. It will be my honor.