You Offered Hope to Me

Dear Dr Monica,



Thank you so much for contacting our dear Churros who has passed on in an accident. It is the darkest time in my life, Churros has always been part of the family and my best friend and I’m truly devastated by his passing. He was too young and we wanted to know what are his last wishes that we could fulfill and apologize for such an accident. I  searched for a pet communicator and was drawn to you, Dr Monica. Due to our time zone differences, we liaised via email and you have been extremely helpful in providing insights and reaching out to Churros.

With your help, I was able to contact Churros to tell him our final words and his to us. He told me he wished to be remembered with a smile on our faces and not sorrow in our hearts.

With your help Dr Monica, I was able to know what really happened to him, his final words and wishes to fulfill them. You offered hope to me when I needed it and listen to Churros final wishes.

I’m very certain we’ll be in touch again, your talent is truly amazing.

Jessica N.
August 2013

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