Ambassador of Kisses

Ambassador of Kisses

Molly Lisa

Dear Dr. Monica:

I am not sure if you remember me – Molly Lisa our golden girl passed and you helped us find so much comfort and peace in dealing with her passing.  I don’t know if you remember when you spoke with us on the phone and my Husband asked you to tell Molly to have a dog come up and bite him so he would know Molly is in fact still with him.  We all laughed and you said it would have to be done by proxy!

We were in Philadelphia recently and I got out of the car to go up to a client’s house and saw the most beautiful golden looking at me a few doors down.  I went up to the door and the dog had her nose pressed against the glass and was so sweet.  The homeowner came to the glass storm door and I explained we had just lost our golden and it was wonderful to see the big yellow fur ball looking back at me!  The lady was lovely and invited me in her home to meet the dog.

You can imagine how thrilled my husband was when after he parked the car he came to find me with the dog.  The dog immediately took to my husband and he sat on the floor while she kissed him and fell to the ground for a belly rub – all the things he shared with Molly – interactions he misses so much.

We stayed for a while and went on our way.  Later as we drove home to the Shore my Husband said how sweet Rosalita the golden was but wow – he said she is a biter!!!  I asked him to explain and he said she kept biting me – he was surprised that a 2 year old dog would bite like that.  I couldn’t help but laugh – I asked him to remember his request!  He had to think about it but when he got it – it was like a light went off in his head and certainly in his heart!!!  It was a wonderful experience.

I wanted to share it with you!!!  I think Molly heard his request!!!   Hope you are well and continuing your wonderful work!

Love, Tina Leonard, Molly Lisa’s Mom

 I had to reply Tina’s e-mail and did so like this:
Dear Tina:

Not only I remember you very well, but I am giving workshops here in Argentina and Molly is front and center when I talk about animal’s having a soul and remaining in spirit.

This is a rather new concept for people here who are highly religious and are told by the Church that animals do not have a soul. They can’t understand this and are seeking other ways to reconcile with that. Hence ME.  I am having a lot of success reaching those who have been ‘closed minded’ before and enjoying every minute.

I love to read about Leonard’s experience with the ‘bitter’ girl, Rosalita. From now on, tell him to be careful what he wishes for! But also remind him that Molly is always around you and giving you evidence that her love survives.

Love and light to all of you! And thank you for sharing.

She sent back another e-mail:
Dear Dr. Monica:

Oh – we smiled and cried when we read your email this morning. Than you for getting back to us!! Molly loved everyone so, so much! Molly was an ambassador of kisses and the essence of kindness and love!!!How wonderful that through you, Molly and her story are able to help others find comfort.

I am so glad you are helping others understand that there is something beyond the psychical body. I am not sure I even understand what it is but I know I feel it. I am Catholic and we have been taught so many stifling beliefs so I understand how difficult it must be for people to “allow” their hearts to go to a place our religion has forbade.
I am so happy you are continuing to touch so many lives! I would say you have a gift but I really feel YOU are the gift!!!! May God continue to guide you and may you always find the strength to give a voice to God’s creatures!!! Have a wonderful trip!

Love, Tina



Ambassador of Kisses — 5 Comments

  1. Dr. Monica,

    I would like to give you some feedback (confirmation) from the reading you had with our cat, Jack.

    You felt Jack had a pre-existing injury, possibly from a fall that caused trauma to his neck. So on your recommendation, we went to see animal chiropractor Dr. De Grasse. Her team took x-rays which clearly showed significant damage to the top of his neck. This may also explain why he doesn’t like to be petted or picked up.

    My husband and I are so thankful that you were able to catch this, as another fall could lead to paralysis. We will be even more careful with him from now on.

    You also thought he had some type of tooth problem. When the doctor opened his mouth, his rear teeth had a lot of tarter.

    We are so grateful you were able to catch these issues, especially the neck problem! We are now looking forward to working with you with our other cat.

    With much gratitude,

    Erica and Chris S.

  2. Hello Dr Monika ,
    I am Aarushi …. Just went through ur site and uhmm…. I lost my cocker spaniel Reo just two months back on the 9th of july 2016 …. i have heard a lot about how to connect with the dead but my mom Says it is a very risky job. Apparently even we did not know the cause of why he passed away … If u could pls talk to his soul and coonect his messages with me it would be a grt help because we got him on valentines day 2013 when he was 2 and a half months and now when he was 2 and half years he left us and from then our whole family has gone into depression …thankyou !

    • I am honor that you ask me to speak with the spirit of your animal. Please visit the page “Services and Fees” and you’ll find all the information you need to send me to do a consultation. Thank you.

  3. Dr Monica …. I am really very stuck and not sure about how u would do this i have shown my mom everything and talked to her about all of this but not my dad … My moms always been telling me that such people torture young souls and make them do various jobs and all etc…. I am sorry but i am just 14 when i have lost my first dog before this my mom has kept 10-12 dogs earlier and she is just scared that when he lived life he lived it like a king and enjoyed everything and his he was most attached to my dad and the last rights were also done with full respect and somewhere or the other my mom feels that if we take this step his soul would not rest in peace anymore i prefer u giving u r number to me and talking to my mom… Really appreciate because my mom does not want me to get involved in any of this … Thankyou for u r time really appreciate

    • I am sorry your Mom feels this way. Communicating with the spirit of the animals who are gone is a very soothing and rewarding experience for both the humans and their animals. If an animal doesn’t want to answer me when I call, they won’t. So I can’t MAKE them do anything they don’t want. When a spirit crosses over their main job is to hover around us to keep us company while we mourn. They are always with us, so whether we do a consultation or not, know that spirit is always listening.

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