Is There A Rainbow Bridge?

When my clients request consultations, about half the time they want me to communicate with their pets who are dying or who have already crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

If a beloved pet has passed on, there are certain questions almost everyone wants answered… Where are you? Are you well? Are you happy? Do you have any pain?

Based on thousands of replies, the simple answer is… pets who have passed on say they are in the light, or surrounded by light, or are now beings of light. Each of them might describe their state of being just a little bit differently, but there is always an all encompassing light that surrounds them. This light seems to be a living light… it gives them love as a Mother would… it calms them… it gives them joy… and even wisdom to know they are well taken care of and safe.

If I ask them to tell me who they are or what they look like, even pets who passed when they were very old usually present a younger version of themselves. They never want to be remembered as they were in their last days. Instead, they see themselves as healthy, happy and enjoying life. And that’s how they want us to remember them. They often ask us to choose a picture of them at their best and display it where it can be seen by everyone.

Some animals remember past lives, some remember their missions, some remember their human friends and interactions. All of them know who we are, what we did for them, and how much they were loved. Many whose spirits remain around us for the duration of our lives here on earth tell us that they’ll be reunited with us in the light.

Often they can tell us what we did in their absence, how we remember them, the little things we did for them, and how they feel about what we did. Sometimes their comments are very specific. For example, pets have told me they saw their name engraved on an object, or the color of the urn for their ashes, or their name tag on their human’s key chain.

They’re each focused on helping their humans in different ways. One animal might tell his human that it’s time to pick up his food bowl from the floor and put it away, while another might say that their human needs to carry their collar around with them for awhile longer.

My clients often want to know something very specific also. One client in particular asked a very important question when she wrote to me for help.

She asked: “What about those animals who died of abuse, neglect, torture? Those who never knew a loving touch or a friendly human? What happens to them?”

The answer was first given to me a long time ago, and then, over the years, as I continued talking with animals who are in spirit, it became even clearer.

When animals transition into spirit, they often tend to remain around their family during the family’s mourning period. After that, some of them simply continue to learn on the spirit side, while others, who may be a bit more advanced want to become “greeters.”

These greeters, I am told, have a very special responsibility. They’re the ones in charge of receiving the souls of those animals, regardless of breed, who go into spirit after having suffered at the hands of a human.

These greeters, receive the soul of the new animal at the edge of the light and guide them into the heart of the light. They will share their own light with them during their transition (usually called crossing The Rainbow Bridge) until they are fully inside the loving light. Some people might call this God.

The greeters will never leave these beings until they know for sure that their soul is healed from all the suffering of their last incarnation. They will be guided, loved, and cared for with more dedication and diligence than any other soul until the emotional scars are gone.

In a way, these troubled souls are better tended to than the regular souls because they have returned after volunteering their suffering in order to better their species.

This is what I’ve been told over and over again, although I’ve never been told why they’ve had to endure what they have. There just seems to be something bigger at work here, about which I’ve never been given further information. But what I do know is that there is great love on the other side and animals are very involved with helping each other. They’re all benefiting from the sacrifices of the ones who have gone before them.

I never hear a reproach, never a complaint. Those animal souls who have been abused, neglected. or tortured are the best and most centered souls I have ever spoken with. I say this because no matter what they’ve had to go through, their last thought is to send mankind unconditional LOVE.

So it is with Love that I approach these wonderful spirits and it is with Love that we are able to maintain an open channel of communication. If you, or someone you know, needs to reach a beloved pet in spirit, do not hesitate to ask me to be their translator. It would be my honor and privilege to do so.


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  1. Dr. Monica,

    Thank you so much. I miss my baby girl every day, but know that she is continuing her evolution over the Rainbow Bridge, sharing the love that she gave so freely on this side. – Jemimah’s mom.

  2. Thank you, Dr.Monica for reassuring us ….I think that everything we feel as PURE INNER LOVE – then one can feel this also as LIGHT ON THE PATH and then one knows that we are one and the same with our loved ones too, no matter where and when….. But yet, we still wish to hear this from as many as possible, so we know that we are growing to the new – better dimention where we will be all equal and live for well-being of all living! Cannot wait to step over 🙂

  3. I wanted to thank you for your rainbow bridge article.
    Seeing and hearing about so much animal suffering in the world it is heart breaking
    It gives me some small feeling of peace that they are ok on the other side
    Do you think they choose to come down to earth to a situation of suffering?
    Do you have any other insight.?

  4. Hey Dr. Monica just read your article I would like u to try to get a hold of my pet Snoopy he passed away from a tumor in Feb of 2011 I miss him like crazy he was my best friend like family to me there not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and wishing he was still here I just wanna know how he is doing and if he ever thinks about me and I wanna know if he is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge please if you could help me ill gladly appreciate it man ill give anything to see Snoopy again 🙁

    • Please can you try and bring my feline best friend and companion through. She was 17yrs old and i had to put her to sleep 12 days ago. Her name is Treacle. Just want to know if she is ok and forgives me for what was the hardest decision ive ever had to make. I have her ashes with me but miss her so much. Im truly heartbroken 💔

      • Dear Eileen: I will be happy to have a conversation with your cat. Please refer to my Website for information on services and fees.

  5. I miss Willie. He had to be put down 11/25/15 after his organs started to fail. He was only 7. I miss him a lot and feel guilt for putting him down. I feel like I failed him. Please let me know if he is ok and if he blames me

  6. I lost my German shepherd dog this year due to old age she was 14 and in the end was suffering ..wee had to make the decision to let her go which broke the whole family she ok ? and does she know wee had to put her out of her suffering

  7. Thanks Monica for this insightful article. It helps pet owners like myself who are still grieving for our beloved pets to know exactly what happens to them & give us some kind of closure.
    I had to put my papillion of 15 plus years to sleep on dec 8 2015. He was suffering from bone cancer for 6 months & had difficulty breathing one day & that’s when I knew I had to release him from his pain.
    I was in so much pain & wonder if I did right by letting him go. There were many what if. I can’t have closure & more so when I can’t even feel his presence after his departure. I needed to know where & how is he.
    I engaged an AC. It was a surreal & meaningful experience. The AC could tell me the breed of my dog without even looking at his picture yet. He said my dog is with us now. Then when I gave him my dog photo; the AC could tell me my dog name & he said my dog would like to thank me for giving him this name which he love & also thank me for spoiling him with the occasional junk meal such as Mac nuggets & KFC but he miss eating bbq pork most which I have not gave him for a while.
    The AC said my dog has not cross over yet cos he is protecting me & know I m still mourning for him. He can’t leave my side till I m ready to let him cross over.
    I can now have some closure knowing where & how he is. And I need to let him know when it is time for him to cross over; that will be when I am ready

    • Katherine: I am so glad you found someone who gave you some closure. Just remember that all our animals are with us eternally, whether you can feel them around you or not. Blessings be,

        • Dear Annmarie: Yes, I read a comment you made last year when you lost your pet, but since you were asking me to tell you how he felt I didn’t answer, because this is a forum for comments. If you want a consultation at any time all you need to do is follow the requirements on the “Services and Fees” page.

  8. Dr Monica, my Maltese Calvary passed away at age 7 back in 2010 May 1st. Can you tell me if he misses me & if he love me? I missed him so much he is my first dog.

    • I can tell you a lot more than that Naomi, but we will need to schedule a consultation day. Please look at my “Services and Fees” page for more information.

  9. Dear Dr Monica.. I am in search of a pet.communicator and I am glad with this article…I found u.. I had lost my beloved.Jack Russell 2 years ago.. I am.still missing him dearly and my to u.. is he okay.. is he really.watching us and around us? Need your help…

    • Dear Anvie: All animals who are in spirit continue to watch over us. They know how you feel and they also know about your sorrow. But if you want to know specifics, please look up my “Services and Fees” and we can have a nice conversation with “jack”. Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. I have a Pomeranian who died due to an accident. I felt that I have caused his death as I did not provide him sufficient care. I love him dearly and slipped into depression. It’s been 6yrs since he passed and I missed him dearly. I just want to tell him that I’m very sorry and I love him. I hope he will forgive me.

    • Dear Joey: I am sure your Pomeranian has forgiven you because there is no remorse, no pain, and no sorrow in spirit. They know and understand our heart and what we are going through. What I can tell you is that if a life has been cut short, there is a strong possibility that the animal will reincarnate and seek you out to complete his or her cycle with you, as it was intended. So, I would be looking for another Pommy who can bring you love into your heart and soul again. Good luck!

  11. Dr Monica, I have been having a really hard time with the decision I made to put my cat Cleo to sleep three months ago. She was 20 years old, emaciated, and she had a three major diseases I was trying to treat as best as I could. She was not an easy cat to work with. She was hard to give treatments too. The only thing that helped me keep her going for this long is the fact that she got too elderly to fight me. She used to have to be wrapped in a towel just to administer flea medication to the back of her neck. I could have bought her some more time if she would have allowed me to give her SUBQ Fluids, but she fought it tooth and nail and would not come near me. I decided to have her put down as she had only eaten a half a can of cat food in four days. She loved to eat but just stopped eating and continued to deteriorate physically.

    What has been troubling me is that I have been having very disturbing dreams of her recently. I have been dreaming that she is in someone else’s house and that she is still suffering. I see her crying and suffering, I see a food dish and a water bowl next to her. I have had this dream on two separate occasions. It is kind of like the vet didn’t put her down and took her home. I was not present when my family member took her to be put down. I hate death. I couldn’t bear seeing her lifeless. I had my favorite cat die in my arms when I was a kid and I can’t go through that again. Well, a few days ago I had another dream of her that she was angry and she was scratching and biting my arm. I don’t know what these dreams mean. I hope she isn’t mad at me for not being there with her at the end. I wish I could know for sure that she is alright. I am having a really tough time dealing with all of this. Any help/advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    • Dear Jeremy: I am so sad for your loss. Having a friend leave you after 20 years is not easy. But your explanation says it all. When an animal stops eating for three days, they are telling you their body is ready to pass. If they are suffering it is our duty to help them ease their pain and help them, but each of us is different and we act the best way we can under the circumstances. Ultimately, my hope is that people can contact me early enough so that we can ask them directly.
      As far as your dreams, I do not interpret dreams and can’t tell you what they mean. But what I can tell you is that you did nothing wrong and I am sure Cleo is watching over you and waiting for your mourning to end, so that she can continue on her journey into higher realms.

  12. Hi Dr Monica

    I miss my baby girl so very much. It’s been 3 years since her passing and I really want to know how she is right now.

    I’m not in the U.S., but could you help me speak to her?

    • Hello Yan: I absolutely CAN help you to get in touch with your baby girl. More than half of my practice revolves around contacting those animals in spirit and it will my by pleasure to do so for you too.
      As far as not being in the US, it doesn’t matter at all since we can either talk on the phone, or by Skype. The only thing I need is to know how many hours difference we have so we can talk at a time convenient for both of us. I am in California.

    • Hi Dr Monica,I lost my dog a week ago she was only yrs old.I miss her so much.I’m depressed and I just want to see her again.I want her to know how much I love her,and that I want to see her,I want to know if she is ok cause im worried about her.I hope she can see me.I have many questions for her.Can you please help me contact her?

      • Of course I can help you to contact your girl. All you have to do is click on Services and Fees and follow the information there. It will be my honor.

  13. Thank you so much for your quick response to my question. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some comfort. I think my dreams of Cleo being upset with me are my own feelings of guilt for not being able to help her get better. I have been helping her battle health issues since early 2009. I myself survived a medical event in 2011 and Cleo has been at my side ever since. We spent the last three years together almost inseparable since I have been out of work. I was caring for her round the clock. I just feel so lost without her now. I think she probably sees/knows now how sick I am and how I placed her medical care and well being above my own at times. Any how, your words of kindness have provided me with some peace. I might contact you in a few days about a private consultation. I want to know if Cleo will be ok with me bringing home another cat. Thanks you for your time. I hope you and your family have a happy New Year!



    • I would be honored to give you a private consultation. Please check out the “Services and Fees” page for more information

  14. Thank you Dr. Monica
    I read your article it was a good feeling that my little man Jasper is doing well!!
    He died from a blood clot in his lung. He was only 7 years old I miss him soooooo much!!
    Sometimes I see his sprit here at home or
    The corner of my eye when I sit on the sofa. I hope he keeps coming around now and then it makes me smile!! And it tells me he is doing fine!!

  15. Dear Monica. My name is Mike 49 yrs old from NJ. I lost my dog a 6 yr old Doberman Male named Dillinger to bone cancer in his front leg. He was truly my best friend and companion. I had him since he was 12 weeks old and we even had the same birthday together Aug 2nd. He was put down Jan 28 2016 and have not stopped crying since. I even write a 10 page eulogy memorial of all the times we had together . And i ask him to please give me a sign that he is still with me,out of his pain,running and playing at rainbow bridge. I have not stopped looking up on the computer about a dogs after life ,Is there really a rainbow bridge? Is he waiting for me there? I live alone and i feel like my heart has been taken from me with out him here.Can u please help me in my time of sorrow? Can u please talk to him for me ? Please respond back asap. Thank you Mike

    • Yes Mike, there is a Rainbow Bridge, or at least a place where he will be waiting for you to make your transition into spirit so you can be together again. Our animals never forget us and their love is eternal. You CAN think about him, you can send him love, you can even ask him to give you some signs. What you shouldn’t do is go into an abyss of despair because you are now alone. During all this time they are already next to you as your guardian angel, encouraging you and holding you through your pain. Eventually they hope you can get over the sorrow so they can soar and continue in their journey.

      • Dear Dr Monica. Thank you so very much for answering my question. I just got his ashes and paw print back from the vet yesterday and almost feel a sign that he is back home with me were he belongs. I really would like to send u a pic of Dillinger and have u do a pet reading for me and see how he is and if he misses me and our home . Thank you Monica and God bless you . Mike

  16. We lost our beloved Peaches….She was our wourld after my Dad died…she really saved us…We lost her on 11.16.16..I might be off witj that date…I hope not….We can’t get over her….She was our Baby girl.
    ..we greive every day for our lil girl…we felt we had to put her down..
    she did’nt have that light in her eyes anymore

    .plz tell is we did the rigjt thing…luv her with all our Heart…..oxox

  17. Dear Dr. Monica … I lost my 16 year old sweet, precious Chevy, this past Wednesday on 3.23.16. He became sick on the previous weekend, but I couldn’t get him to the vet to be put to sleep until Wednesday due to work hours. He was suffering so badly, and going to sleep was an absolute blessing for him, I’m sure. At least he is now pain free, hopefully running freely again and playing with the other animals at Rainbow Bridge, or somewhere just as nice. I am alone now since his departure and I am so heart broken. It was just Chevy and I and he was my buddy, my companion, my best friend and my heart and soul. I am lost without him and can’t even muster up enough strength or will to do anything around the house. I just cry and yell out for him, wanting so badly for him to send me a sign that he is ok, and waiting for me … just as I whispered in his ear to do right before bundling him up in a blanket and sending him to the vet with my son a few days ago. I’m looking for reassurance from him that he is alright and that he knows to wait for me. I want so very much to spend eternity with Chevy and I want him to be there for me when it is my turn to transition in heaven, but so far, I haven’t received any signs from him. Is it too soon for him to “talk” to me ? It’s only been 3 days since he had to leave me. Does he need more time to transition, could an angel help him send me a sign or am I expecting too much too soon ??? I have no motivation, there aren’t any fun things to laugh at anymore and I miss him so much it hurts. If only he could send me a sign. I don’t even feel him beside me as my Guardian Angel. I’m lonesome for his love, lonely for his companionship and worried sick that he doesn’t understand to wait for me, even though it could be years before we are reunited. What can I do to relieve some of my fears ?

    • Dear Burnieta: I am so sorry you lost your precious Chevy. Rest assured his soul is and will be always with you. This is their mission in their other life and since love is eternal there’s never a minute they will not be around you sending you their love and protecting you.
      As far as ‘feeling’ him next to you. . . it’s a funny thing, because the more you want to, the less you do. It will happen when you least expect it and sometimes the assurance he’s still around you comes in the form of wings. So look for butterflies, birds that come to your window, or anything in print or song that will remind you of him.
      My heart is with you. Dr. M

  18. My cat baby boy just died he was the best cat ever I comforted him I had a feeling he was gonna die he suffered I wish I had the money so he didn’t have to i don’t know if this could happen but 15 min before he died I asked him to be my guardian animal I want to know if he is or not or if he’s ok

    • Dear Erin: There is no better place for an animal to be than in spirit, so you can be sure he is better than OK. And as far as being your guardian angel, you didn’t even have to ask as this is their mission when they are on the other side. He will always be next to you, no matter where you are.
      My heart is with you. Dr.M

  19. Dear Dr. Monica … Thank you so much for answering my letter today. I told Chevy yesterday that I was going to try and remain a little calmer than I had been and try not to get so anxious about losing him. Being that it was Easter, I was trying to convey to him that I didn’t want him watching me cry all the time and becoming so upset that it was keeping me from household chores and routine errands. I felt a little calmer as I settled myself down, and although the tears still come, the anxiousness of not physically having him here with me has lessened. Soothing talks to him, and a feeling of certainty that he and I will be together again one day and never again separated after that, help also. The vet’s office called me this evening and said Chevy’s ashes had been returned and were ready to be picked up, so that helps also … at least he will be back in his home again. One day at a time, I guess, and the understanding that he is my angel now and will always be near, goes a long way in helping with my grief and lonesomeness for my sweet baby. Thank you so much for your comments and advice. I am most appreciative.

  20. Dear Monica,

    I had a cat who was abusively killed in February last year in boiling water by people who I have not been able to identify. My last memory of her was her looking into my eyes in pain at the vet before having to be put asleep. I want to know who did this to her and how she is now.I miss her so much and grieve each time i think about what she went through.

  21. Dear dr Monica l have recently lost my little mongeral she was called cassie, I had to let her go due to cancer that had took over her in 3 days. It’s hurting me so much, and in November 2015 I also lost my other dog German Shepard he was called Benson. His back legs wouldn’t let him walk he was only 10. Life is so cruel. But I have our oldest family pet here with me she’s also a German Shepard she was bensons mammy. I look st her sometimes and think she is asking me were her son and step sister have gone. She looks so lonely and so confused as to think how she is feeling. My home isn’t the same anymore it snow quite, were as before I had 3 dogs the would welcome we home home after a shopping trip. But now I only have one she doesn’t come to the door no more when I unlock it she just stays in bed. I look at her like she is thinking it’s my fault she is by herself. I feel so guilty.

    • Dear June:
      Just as you are mourning the loss of Cassie, so is Bensons Mammy. You should try to pay a little more attention to her, take her out, even if it is to the patio, try to engage with her and give her some special treats. She is not telling you is your fault, so you shouldn’t feel guilty. She is simply telling you she feels lonely and wonders where everyone is. When you go, try leaving the radio or TV on for her. Sometimes that’s enough ‘company’. This will pass in time, just like it will pass for you too. We mourn differently, sometimes is just a few weeks, others a few years. Love and light!

  22. Dear Monica,

    I just lost my 14 year-old dog4 days back. It is heartbreaking and it concerns me where he is now. Is there such a thing as rainbow bridge and how will will i know if he is okay.

    • Hello Grace:
      Although most animals who are in spirit do not really describe the “Rainbow Bridge”, they all tell me they are in a beautiful place surrounded by others who loved them and what is most beautiful, they say that since they no longer have a body, the have no hunger, need no shelter, or food. They are grateful for the experiences they had on our side, and are always ‘around’ their humans to offer them love, protection and guidance every single day. I am sure your dog hears you, knows of your mourning and is sitting right there next to you with love in his heart.

  23. My Cocoa died 6/1/16 at 16.5 years young, she loved life and always had a twinkle in her eye and a playful nature, loved her toys and bed, and enjoyed snuggling. She was a beautiful 7 lb Yorkie who died of accidental drowning, I have her ashes, collar and her pictures but my heart is broken. My scotty Kyra wouldn’t go out in the back yard for 5 weeks and when she finally did she looked for her in the pool. My guilt is overwhelming I know she wouldn’t be angry at me, she was too loving . I adopted an abused puppy from animal control in her honor, I rescued her from a cruel owner when she was 2 Cocoa now I he this was a wise choice due to the fact my scotty is 7 a day at times this puppy isn’t always kind to her. I feel that my choices as of late haven’t always been the best. Is there any way I can make a mends to my Cocoa who passed and my current dog Kyra?

    • It is always hard for an older dog to be around a young puppy that wants to play. Kyra is already considered a senior at 7 y.o and she is probably still mourning the loss of her best friend. Making amends is something personal and individual to each animal, so the best I can do is offer to have a communication session for each of them. Please consider checking my Services and Fees page for more information.

  24. Hola Dr.Mónica, como olvidarla, cuando se comunicó con mi niña adorada, me dijo tantas cosas bonitas, el día 18 va hacer 9 meses y la tristeza sigue en mi igual q el primer día, fueron 18 años y dos meses y teníamos una conexión muy fuerte, era un Ser de Luz en mi vida, tengo sus cenizas conmigo y le hice un espacio para ella con sus fotos. No hay un día q no hable con ella, hay momentos en q siento en la casa como q está y hasta miro hacia los lados, ella era para mi hija adorada. Se q nunca lo voy a superar, sólo tendré q aprender a vivir con este dolor. Mónica pronto la estaré contactando para hacer conexión con mi niña. Un fuerte abrazo y bendiciones.Olguita

  25. Hello Dr. Monica. I truly am struggling right now. We have a 4 yr old Daschund that developed IVDD and is completely paralyzed from the waist down. He has had surgery with no success. After not seeing any success we have decided to do other treatments. We have done cold laser therapy, acupuncture and electro acupuncture. Also vitamin b shots in his toes to help. Needless to say we have not had any success. We had faced the fact that he would never walk again and did get him a wheelchair and he does well in it but the reason for doing all of the treatments was to try and get his bladder and bowels under control. I do express him every two hours but he still has problems and is getting infections now in both areas. My husband and I have decided that this is not fair to him to have to live this way for the next at least 10 years and over the past months of taking care of him it has taken a toll on my health tremendously and is financially putting a strain on us. We have decided that we are going to have Rocky put to sleep next week. The only part we are having a hard time dealing with is he is such a happy and vibrant dog, to be honest you would never know he was sick because he has the best attitude about everything. Please tell me how to live with putting him down knowing he is such a happy and loving boy?

    • I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for what you’re going through and for the heart wrenching decision you will take. The only thing I can tell you is that the word ‘euthanasia” means literally ‘good death’, and that in your heart you have to know that living with infections will soon take their tall on his body and he will no longer be a happy and loving boy. At the same time he is a great teacher who has been able to give you an important lesson. The only way to know how he feels is to have a conversation with him. You can check out my Website for more information. With loving light,

  26. My dog Schaffer was elderly, on pain medication for the last two years of his life, was put to sleep by the veterinarian here in our home . At the last minute I wanted to yell” No don’t do it ! ” I didn’t, I still keep seeing his eyes looking at me ,as if he felt betrayed. Would You please tell me if you read anything coming from Him at all (?) Also a friend of mine in the neighborhood suggested that I get another German Shepherd -Collie mix but I just can’t and the only way I would is if I thought it might be Schaffer coming back to me. Is there a chance He may return to me ?Thank You
    Sincerely, Peggy

    • I am so sorry for your loss Peggy. Unfortunately unless we have a consultation I can’t reach your dog through this medium. But I can tell you that if he was in pain the look you saw on his face was not betrayal but relief and gratefulness. As far as coming back to you, animals need time to adjust to their new body of light and usually they do not come back to us for 3-5 years. And finally you shouldn’t get a dog just because someone tells you it’s a good idea. You should get another companion when your heart has gone through the mourning process and you can fully give love again to another being.

  27. My dog an 11 1/2 year old staff has a mass cell tumour which is aggressive ( diagnosed two weeks ago ) my vet says nothing we can do he’s on Pallative care. I’m frightened of him passing on me at home and frightened of ( the decision we have to make ourselves ) He’s my world all I’ve ever known, sleep eat walk everything together. I’m so so so devastated and I need to know he will be ok when he passes and I will see him again.

    • The animals tells me that when they shed their body, they feel like they’ve been born again. There is no more pain and their spirit remains with us while we’re mourning. They also tell me that they will wait for their humans when it’s their time to make their transition and often emphasize they will be the first ones in line. I am sure your ‘little man’ will be there to greet you and you will enjoy eternity together. Don’t be afraid because they are not!.

  28. Last month I had put my beloved Rascal to sleep. I have such tremendous guilt. I miss him so much. My heart hurts so much for what I did. The tears are non-stop. In the last year he had so much taken away from him, his house, his yard. Then he got sick with cancer and kidney disease. Before he passed he lost a lot of weight and could not eat. It was hard to see him go through that. I laid down with him for two weeks to let him know that I am so so sorry and that I love him. He was the best cat ever. The pain for what I did does not go away.

    • I didn’t know Rascal, but I know many like him who say that when we release them of their pain it feels like they have been given a gift. Their soul continues to be present around you and their are happy that you always had their best interest in mind. I do not think that you have to punish yourself for releasing him to the angels when you did. He is well taken care of.

  29. Querida Monica te he conocido hace unos años cuando viniste a Argentina,y me ayudaste mucho.Mis dos nenas partieron una caniche Luna de 16 años y Pelusa pekinesa que encontre en la calle hace 15 años y tendria ahora casi 19 años.A ambas tuve que ayudarlas a partir.Luna está enterrada con mi chal en una casa afuera con un rosal que no deja de llenarse de rosas.Y Pelusa hace 8 dias partió y tengo sus cenizas en una urna que llevaré al mismo lugar.Antes del desenlace de Pelusa apareció a mis pies en esa misma casa una gata hermosa pidiendo mimos y comida Rubia (la nombré )y quisiera saber si puedo hacerte una consulta por ellas.Cuando llevé a Pelusa a internar y alli partio con todo mi amor,yo llevaba puesta (sin haberme dado cuenta)una remera que decia:Ask to my dog !!!como todas las personas que he leido busco esas palabras tan justas de tu parte y desde ya te doy las gracias

  30. My little West highland white terrier, Cassie passed away yesterday evening 12/04/2018. We loved her so much and have not stopped crying. She had Lymphoma cancer and she passed away in my arms. Cassie was 11 years 4 months old. I would love to think she is waitibg for myself and my wife and her sister Tilly. Last night another bright star shined in the Australian sky. It was our Cassie….🤔🤔🤔🤔

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