I had no clue

I just wanted to thank you for the reading. It was amazing to me to realize how Sassy really feels about some of these things…. I had no clue, or all I had were conflicting ones. I’m especially glad to know how much she likes going outside and that she wants the barricades and pads gone as much as I … Continue reading


My name is Pam Murasko, and I had the immense pleasure to meet and talk with you this past Saturday.  I know you can’t remember us all.  My only identifying mark for you would be that I believe I was the only one from Big Bear and the only one who brought a pic, not my actual Goldie. I came … Continue reading


Dear Dr. Monica; Thank you so much for a wonderful phone session this afternoon. I so appreciate you working us in and although the hardest part of my work with Bailey is to come, I feel better knowing I’m honoring his wishes. I know our connection is eternal and that brings much peace. I really appreciate receiving your notes on … Continue reading